Plans for the new year at Garland Senior Center

By Marie Faircloth - Contributing columnist

Greetings and Christmas wishes to all. I love this season. I love the reason for the season. I love giving and also love to receive. This week we have been so busy trying to get provision for more needed families.

When we come back in January we will have legal aid on Jan. 7 to assist us with Obama care open enrollment. If you need assistance please call 529-3931 for help. We are here to assist you in any way we can.

Carolina Foot Care will be here in Jan. Watch for the date. We are trying to plan some new things for the new year. Chair volleyball is a big thing. It’s easy and fun. Computer classes will begin in Jan. Please call to enroll.

Plans are in the making for a trip to Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro. First come, first served. For this trip, pay your $2 in advance and no refunds!

Lately we have been talking about the wisdom and knowledge of our seniors. It is wonderful thing to sit among our seniors and go back in time. Yesterday we talked about all the cakes and pies including fruit cakes, Japanese fruit cake, chocolate pies and cakes and the names go on. Now most are store brought. They shared those recipes. Then they went house to house making coffee and eating cake. Gosh that was a memory! As kids on Christmas morning, we went house to house. We got a nice orange, apple and nuts. Fun time!

This morning, as I walked the hall at Mary Gran, this note caught my eye. Habits are powerful things. Habits turn actions into activities. Then attitudes into lifestyles. This is a saying of John Maxwell. Think about it. Team work – giving it your absolute best for everyone on the team.

A special shout out to the Hill sisters, Dr. Lattice Mckoy, Maybelle Jacobs and all the folks on the street that stop me and remind me how much they enjoy reading my article. Thank you all. Hope you all will have a vision and go into the new year with new ideas. Clean hearts and mind and love your neighbors as yourself.

Remember together we stand, divided we fall! Have friends – treasure them. In the midst guard your tongue. Be careful – a dog that will bring a bone will carry a bone! Whew, that was a mouthful.

A wonderful idea for a senior is to call and check on them especially these cold winter months.

This morning I went to Mary Gran and my client was sleeping. I called her name. She looked up so bright-eyed. I started to sing, “Good Morning to you, we are all in our places with sunshine in faces. This is the way to start a new day.” She joined in singing. Then she said she used to sing this song as a child. What a memory!

Live, Love, Laugh.

Marie Faircloth is director of The Garland Senior Center.

By Marie Faircloth

Contributing columnist

Marie Faircloth is director of The Garland Senior Center.

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