Sampson Medical Group expanding, improving access

Sampson Regional Medical Center (SRMC) just expanded its primary care practice, Sampson Medical Group, to a new location at 301 Main St. in Newton Grove. Establishing a presence in the area is one way SRMC is improving access to healthcare in Sampson County.

“Many residents in Sampson County live in what’s considered a medically underserved area,” said Hunter Balltzglier, SRMC’s Director of Practice Management. “Access to good healthcare is a challenge in many rural communities, and we believe expanding our presence to Newton Grove will provide more healthcare options and convenience to patients in that area.”

Sampson Medical Group of Newton Grove is presently staffed by Cynthia Vail, Certified Physician Assistant. Vail is experienced in treating adults for a variety of health concerns, including common infections such as flu or strep and chronic health management for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and pulmonary issues.

“From wellness exams and health screenings to treatment for sickness and injury, Ms. Vail brings a valuable service to the Newton Grove area,” Balltzglier said.

The opening of Sampson Medical Group of Newton Grove is part of an even greater vision by SRMC to improve access to care in rural Sampson County. By this time next year, SRMC will be gearing up to receive its first class of family medicine residents.

Among other area practices, Sampson Medical Group locations will serve as training clinics for residents.

“As part of our Family Medicine program, residents must have continuity of care training – meaning they will follow the care of new and established patients at the practice,” explained Dr. Shawn Howerton, SRMC’s Chief Executive and Medical Officer.

For the community, this means more physicians are available to see patients and more patients gain access to primary care.

“It’s a winning solution for the community and hospital. The opening of Sampson Medical Group of Newton Grove allows us the opportunity to impact an immediate need in the area while positioning our practices to receive residents in 2016,” Howerton said.

Sampson Medical Group is also located in Clinton at 522 Beaman Street across from Sampson Regional Medical Center. Both locations are accepting new patients. For more information, call 910-596-4288 (Clinton) or 910-594-0003 (Newton Grove) or visit

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