SRMC extends hours of operation at Imaging Center

The Sampson Regional Diagnostic Imaging Center will now be open more hours.

Sampson Regional Medical Center is excited to announce expanded service hours at its Outpatient Diagnostics Center. The Center is currently open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. With changes effective June 2, the facility will remain open until 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, making it more convenient for patients who prefer evening appointments.

“Our goal is to serve our patients and community better,” said Jamie Edwards, Radiology Manager for Sampson Regional Medical Center. “By extending evening hours two days a week, we hope to make services more convenient for patients.” This means patients may not have to miss as much time away from work, school, or other activities to follow up on physician orders for diagnostic tests, and by adding more appointment slots to the weekly schedule, the Center can better meet the needs of referring providers.

The hospital evaluated expanding hours of operation after a very successful Moonlight Mammograms campaign last October in which the Outpatient Diagnostics Center was open for extended hours during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “We found that evening hours made it much easier for many women to schedule their annual screening mammogram,” explained Samantha Carter, Scheduling Manager for the Outpatient Diagnostics Center. “Many women told us how nice it was that they could stop in after work or in between shuffling kids to after school activities. Making it easier for people to schedule appointments around their busy days may mean fewer people delaying important tests and annual screenings,” she added.

In addition to diagnostic tests, the Center also offers 3-D/4-D ultrasounds. These ultrasounds give parents a chance to see an image of their baby before birth. “Because 3-D fetal imaging is for enjoyment only, it makes sense that many patients need to reserve time off work for medical appointments and schedule this type of ‘entertainment’ imaging after normal work hours,” offered Carter. According to Edwards, there is an advantage to receiving a 3-D ultrasound at a facility specialized in diagnostic testing, compared to imaging centers that provide entertainment-value only. “Our technologists are highly skilled in performing diagnostic ultrasounds, and that skill set transfers to the 3-D ultrasounds they perform,” he expressed. “They do an excellent job, taking their time with the patient to get good quality images of their baby.”

Most all services offered during normal business hours will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with the exception of studies requiring contrast. Services offered during extended evening hours will include: non-contrast CT & MRI, bone density scans, lab draws, digital mammography (annual screenings only), ultrasound (diagnostic & 3-D imaging), and x-ray. Walk-ins are accepted for lab draws and x-rays with physician orders. All other services require an appointment and physician order, with the exception of annual screening mammograms which are accepted without an order.

The Outpatient Diagnostics Center is located just a few blocks from Sampson Regional Medical Center at 233 Beaman Street in Clinton. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 910-592-2689.

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