Merritt earns honors in district horse show

On Friday afternoon, the Majestic Riders held a membership drive at Tractor Supply to encourage members to join their 4-H club. One of their members won second place at the District Horse Show the next day. With the help of 4-H agent Eileen Coite and 4-H leader Deborah VanHam, rider Megan Merritt, daughter of Joey and Jackie Merritt, placed second in pole bending. Nasa could only compete in one class due to an unknown injury that was recognized upon arrival at the horse show.

Also known as the Majestic Riders, the Sampson County 4-H Horse Club offers a great opportunity for young people to connect and get involved with horses within the community. It allows young people to gain confidence and enjoy something they love even if they do not own a horse or pony. The membership drive was to encourage young people to join the Majestic Riders and to show what their club has done in the past together. Furthermore, Merritt and Nasa placed second in pole bending in Williamston for the Southeast District Horse Show. Although Nasa remains minorly injured, there is hope that he will recover before the State Horse Show in July.

Learn how you can join the Majestic Riders by contacting their 4-H leader Deborah VanHam at (910) 379-2616 or

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