Dreams come true for SCC students

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A group shot of participating scholars, donors and volunteers at the 2016 cookout last week.

Carlos Alfoso-Valenzuela can sum up his educational story in a few simple words.

“It doesn’t matter whether you think you have the money to go to college or not, you can go to school — you just have to keep looking until you find a way and this is certainly a way to do that,” Alfoso-Valenzuela said.

That sentiment from the current Sampson Community College student sums up his story and the story of other students who received a scholarship as a result of the SCC Foundation.

This year’s annual scholar-donor cookout, where scholars who will use donated funds to meet their educational expenses and come face to face with those who donated the money, was recently held at the local college.

More than $100,000 in scholarships was awarded to students this year to help students achieve the dream of education. The event has continued on campus each year since 2010.

Guests were welcomed by Dr. William Starling who added, “Donors meet students they are assisting and hear their personal stories and educational and career goals. It’s always an informal event that focuses upon these relationships. It also allows the College and the Foundation, in some small way, to acknowledge the generosity of those individuals, businesses, and organizations that make these scholarships possible.’

Lisa Turlington, executive director of the Foundation, recognized the scholars.

“The annual cookout is a relaxed, fun event where we celebrate the achievement of our scholars and the generosity of our donors,” Turlington said. “We appreciate the sponsorship of US Foods, Coke Products, and BJ Williamson LP Gas. Their support helps the Foundation control costs associated with the event. It is great collaboration of many wonderful volunteers of staff, students, faculty and Foundation Directors.”

Volunteers included SCC faculty, staff and students, Marleen Powell, Kim Davis, Holly Brewington, Blair Hairr, Perry Gillespie, Jeanette Rackley, Janna Bass, Dan Grubb, Brandon Wiggins, Bill Starling, Carole Phipps, Wanda Capps, Susan Baxter, Amanda Raynor, Kayla Shatley, Eileen Jackson and Sabra Knowles and the college’s entire maintenance staff.

Eileen Jackson, volunteer, student and SCC ambassador said, “The Scholar-Donor cookout was a fun-tastic experience! I felt that this event was a great opportunity for me to show my utmost gratitude and thanks to the Donors who contribute to opening doors for anyone who is willing to work and accomplish a meaningful education.”

Turlington recognized 121 student scholars during the event. Recognized were: the ABWA Scholar-Donna Buela; the Alice Smith Harris Nursing Scholar-Jennifer Sutton; the Anabel Sloan Scholar-Galearie Edison; the Angels of Mercy Scholar-Courtney Wise; the Billie Carroll Clark Scholar-Farrah Collier; the Boykin Family Scholar-Nicholas Usher; the C.B. Taylor Family Scholar-April Yanez; the Captain David Neil Faircloth Memorial Scholar-William Marley; the Carlton and Lynell Martin-Amanda James; the Cashwell Family Scholar-Samantha Jackson; the Clinton Academic Scholar-Sophia Miller; the Clinton Rotary Scholars-Blake Davis, Kayla Shatley and Brendan Parker; the Coleman Carter Memorial Scholar-Austin Richardson; the Cyrus Faircloth Memorial Scholar-Camille Wilson; the Donald and Annelle Starling Scholar-Amie Godwin; the Donnie M. and Dorothy Turlington Royal Scholars- Amie Godwin, Jessica Parrish, Brittany Sessoms, Erica West, Natalie McKeel, Banne Beltran, Sarah Brewer, Madison Byrd, Rhonda Emrit-Sinondon, Summer-Leigh Holder, Landon Jernigan, Monique Osterman, Abigail Pait, Pricilla Prunczik, Cynthia Stokes, Daisey Taylor, Lauren Weber, Kassie Owens, Courtney Wise, Cara Light; the Gina Carlisle Memorial Scholar-Cara Light; the GO Automotive Scholar-Kaitlyne Lewis; the Gray Felton Butler Memorial Scholar-Stephanie Anderton; the Hobbton Academic Scholar-Thania Menlendez; the James and Norma Jones Nursing Scholars-Wendy Barnes, Jennifer Matthews and Jessica Sinclair; the James E. and Mary Z. Bryan Scholars-Samantha Jackson, Brendan Parker, Kathryn Goretzka, Allyson Edwards, Alexxis Hawley, Robert Jordan, Landon Pope, Sarah Smith; the James L. Austin Memorial Scholar-Tamara Waters; John and Lois Denny Scholar-Caitlin Royal; the John A. McDaniel Memorial Scholar-Cara Light; the John and Amelia Surratt Scholar- Maricela Toribio-Torres; John Robert Rosario Memorial Scholar-William Roberts; the John T. Denning Memorial Scholar-Caitlin Royal; the Kiwanis Scholar-Brendan Parker; the L.M. Horne Memorial Scholar-Tyqiesha McNeil; the Lakewood Academic Scholar-Carlos Alonso-Valenzuela; Lakewood High School Garland Rotary Scholar-Blanca Luviano; the Leo and Margaret Benson Scholars- Irving Ramirez and Oscar Zuniga; the Lucinda Gurley Scholars-Kassie Owens and Kristin Hairr; the Lundy-Fetterman Scholar-Wesley Champion; the Mark Lawson Scholar-Leah Chaney; the Mary Lou Wallace Memorial Scholar-Jessica Parrish; the Mary T. Moore Memorial Scholar-Annabeth Clark; the Michael Gore Memorial Scholar-Joel Rosario; the Midway Academic Scholar-Garrett Barefoot; Miss SCC Foundation Scholar-Hailey Stewart; the Mossette Butler Scholar-Rosio Avendano; the NC Trooper Scholars-Karen Brown, Jessica Copeland, Heather Lucas, Hannah Sutton, Edgar Valle, William Marley; the Phyllis Bedsole Scholar-Leah Chaney; the Randy Ward Memorial Scholar-Sandra Nettrour; the Robert E. Williams Memorial-Ashton Odum; the Rufus and Pauline Williamson Memorial Scholar-Brittany Sessoms; the Ruth Leder-Woman’s Club of Clinton Scholar-Ivey Parker; the Ryan Faircloth Memorial Scholar-Ryan Faircloth; the Sampson County Association For Home Builders Scholar-Tilford McNeal; the Sampson County Farm Bureau Scholars-Joe Oates, Bruce Simonson and Claire Teachey; the SCC Ambassadors-Sabra Knowles, Eileen Jackson, Melissa Sanchez, Kayla Shatley, Nancy Torres, Ashton Odum; SGA Officers-Rosa Guzman, Shadavia Pridgen and Meagan Sessoms; the Smithfield Hog Production Scholars-Jared Hall, Reed Herring Andro Molina, Brandon Rogers; South River Electric Scholar-Brandon Wood; Star Communication Scholars-Cindy Tinico, Tiffany Wilson, Kathryn Goretzka, Erica West, Brandon Wood, Sabra Knowles; the Swanton-Newton Nursing Scholar-Natalie McKeel; the Tammy Irene Pickett Memorial Scholar-Caitlin Royal; the Temporary Connections of Clinton Scholar-Kamilah Gonzales; the Underwood Family Scholar-Kelsey Jernigan; the Union Academic Scholar-William Roberts; the VFW #7547 Scholar-Megan Autry; the Viser Family Scholar-Kristy Cashwell; The William M. Johnson Memorial Scholar-Jose Lopez; the W.S. Mathews Scholar-Brittany Yaw; the W.S. Matthis-Chelsea Fugon; the Foundation Scholar-Tiffany Wilson.

For information about establishing a scholarship, contact Turlington. To apply for scholarships, go to the Foundation website. The deadline is April 14, 2017.

A group shot of participating scholars, donors and volunteers at the 2016 cookout last week.
http://www.clintonnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/web1_Drone1.jpgA group shot of participating scholars, donors and volunteers at the 2016 cookout last week.

From SCC Reports

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