City schools recognized for AP test growth

By Kristy D. Carter -


The teachers at Clinton High School take great pride in preparing their students for academic success when entering a higher level of education after high school.

Those efforts were recently recognized by the North Carolina AP Partnership, who have noticed an upward trend in the AP test scores from Clinton High School. Dr. Kelly Batts, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, informed board members of a congratulatory letter the district received from Jerry McMahan, associate director for NCAPP.

“I just want to pass along my congratulations for some successful AP numbers coming out of Clinton High School,” McMahan stated. “I just crunched some trend data for the last three years and you all have much to be proud of.”

According to data from the 2015-16 tests, the number of students taking an AP exam increased 87 percent to 114 students. The number of AP exams taken increased 135 percent. The number of students who scored a 3 or higher, which is proficient and earns college credit for a course, increased 229 percent. The number of exams scoring a 3 or higher increased 350 percent. Of the 216 different exams taken, covering 12 subject areas, 153 scores were proficient.

“It was such a pleasure to share the amazing accomplishments of Clinton High School with NC DPI staff and higher education representatives during our annual State Agency Report last week,” Kathleen Koch, director of NC AP Partnership, said. “As the NC AP Partnership continues to deliver opportunities to students across our state in the coming year, we will be holding up Clinton High School as a model of success in growing access and equity in their Advanced Placement program.”

Through hard work and dedication, the AP teachers at Clinton High School have grown the AP program and are working to continue offering more advanced courses for students considering college placement.

“My AP Calculus class has benefited tremendously from the move to year-round AP classes,” Stephanie Carter, math teacher, said. “With the addition of the research methods class, I am able to do a lot more of deeper exploration activities, hands on labs and projects and more AP preparation. I feel like my students are able to gain a deeper understanding and see more real applications of the material we are learning in class, which correlates to much higher AP scores and more success in college.”

According to Dr. Steve Miller, principal at Clinton High School, the teachers and staff have diligently worked over the last three years to build an AP program that is worthy of recognition.

“Through NCAPP professional development, strategic planning and site visits, we have grown the Clinton High AP program numbers and student achievement on the AP exams,” Miller said in reaction to the announcement of the scores.

As Batts shared the news with board members last Thursday evening, congratulations from board members, as well as Batts herself, were shared with Miller and the staff of Clinton High.

“We are excited and thankful for the recognition of the great work of Clinton High School with regards to AP growth,” Batts shared. “We are very proud of the students, teachers, and school administration that work so hard and care so much about AP programs in Clinton City Schools.”

AP courses are offered at Clinton High School to any students who have an interest in taking the class. With a proficient exam, students have the opportunity to earn college credit prior to graduation from high school. It’s for that reason that AP teacher Tom Maskell hope to continue to grow the program.

“I want to continue to grow our program and the offerings for our students, so that our students are prepared and can graduate with multiple college credits, which in the long run will help them and save money,” Maskell said.


By Kristy D. Carter

Reach Kristy D. Carter at 910-592-8137, ext. 2588. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd. Like us on Facebook.

Reach Kristy D. Carter at 910-592-8137, ext. 2588. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd. Like us on Facebook.

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