Garland’s $1.5M sewer overhaul on tap

By Chase Jordan -

Garland officials review documents during a meeting.

GARLAND — Upgrades on the town’s sewer system are set for May — a project made possible through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

A pre-construction meeting was held Wednesday afternoon at Town Hall, with members of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Water Infrastructure, consultants and contractors involved in the process. The grant’s rules and regulations were discussed during the gathering for the Wastewater Collections Systems Improvement project. Through the $1.5 million project, Garland leaders hope to reduce water loss from over-pumping.

The CDBG, one of the oldest programs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), gives communities resources for developments. Garland received the funds for the project consisting of the construction of gravity sewer lines, rehabilitation of 38 manholes and installation of 10,000 feet of cured-in-place pipe lining.

“The town of Garland is excited that we received this grant award and we’re looking forward to getting our sewer system rehabbed,” Town Clerk/Finance Officer Pamela Cashwell reported.

The start date is scheduled for May 11 and is projected to be finished by mid-December.

“The contractor will have 180 days for substantial completion and 210 days for final completion of the job,” Cashwell said.

McGill Associates, a consultant firm, assisted the town through the process of improving sewer line and manholes improvements. Based out of Asheville, the company offers a variety of consulting, engineering and landscape architecture service to their clients. In March, Step Construction Inc. was one of four companies present and submitted the lowest cost. Step Construction is licensed by the North Carolina General Contractor Board and completed similar works in other areas in the state.

Cashwell expressed that residents were kept in mind during planning. One example was keeping certain areas clean after ditch-digging. Another aspect of the contract required the hiring of “Section 3” contractors. Under HUD, this requires those receiving financial assistance to provide contracting opportunities for local low-income residents.

Residents will also be notified in advance about closures or interruptions with service. Cashwell said contractors are expected to do work from Herring through 7th Street and other nearby areas such as 10th Street.

“At any point when they’re doing work, they will notify the town in advance if anybody is going to be affected by the water/sewer system because of outages,” Cashwell said. “The company will notify us prior to, so we can alert citizens.”

Garland officials review documents during a meeting. officials review documents during a meeting.

By Chase Jordan

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