Student navigating SCC to success

Deborah Harper, left, takes the lead in class while CCR Literacy Instructor Anna Rouse looks on.

Sampson Community College’s slogan is Begin Here, Go Anywhere and while the “anywhere” can result in many different levels of success in many different disciplines after leaving the college, the same is true about the “begin here.”

One student taking advantage of her “begin here” is Deborah Harper.

Harper is a student in the Academy of Continuing Excellence Program and has progressed steadily since joining the program two years ago. The focus of the A.C.E. program is to increase the basic skills of those with intellectual disabilities in order for them to gain the level of independence necessary to move either to employment or to continue post-secondary education and ultimately become a contributing member of society.

A resident of the Duplin Sampson Group Homes in Warsaw, Harper has worked tirelessly to become a model student and has been eager to excel in every way.

“Deborah has a luminous attitude in the classroom,” Anna Rouse, lead instructor, said. “She is continuously striving to achieve her goals in life, one of which is to work in the child care industry, and is always looking for ways to improve. Deborah is always proud of her work and achievements.”

The Academy for Continuing Excellence has gone through a paradigm shift within the past year, changing from a retention-based program to one of transition, and Harper has taken full advantage of that transitioning process. She has now progressed into a College and Career Readiness student, excelling in her path to success.

College and Career Readiness is the first transition for most of the A.C.E. students. It is the next rung in the ladder in their progression toward employment. CCR is designed to help students improve their reading, writing, mathematics, and communication skills or basic life skills needed to transition into post-secondary education opportunities or to pursue or retain employment in the workforce.

“Deborah is a pleasure to teach,” says CCR instructor Sheron Jones. “She is fun, upbeat and always has a positive outlook. She is eager to learn and always has a smile on her face. She works diligently and is conscientious about her classwork. She works well with others and is always ready to lend a helping hand. I have enjoyed teaching and getting to know Deborah.”

Harper’s path will lead her to further educational goals or directly into the workforce and that is something she can be proud of. For more information about the Academy of Continuing Excellence Program or College and Career Readiness, contact 910-592-8081

Deborah Harper, left, takes the lead in class while CCR Literacy Instructor Anna Rouse looks on. Harper, left, takes the lead in class while CCR Literacy Instructor Anna Rouse looks on.


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