Horoscopes returning, along with more comics

Staff reports


In an effort to give readers what they have been asking for, The Sampson Independent will be returning horoscopes, an additional word puzzle, more comics and Heloise to its daily pages.

That change will occur Tuesday, Aug. 25.

It is one of many positive changes the newspaper is undergoing as its parent company, Civitas Media, returns more local control to The Sampson Independent. Also in the works for the coming months will be a return to Sunday’s color comics and additional sections that will provide even more local news, featuring business, faith and agriculture.

“People were disappointed a year ago when horoscopes were taken out of the daily paper and placed only on our website. That never sat well with me; after all, we are here to give readers what they want from their local newspaper,” said Sherry Matthews, publisher and editor of the Sampson Independent.

“I have always believed in listening to our readers and giving heavy weight to their comments, both positive and negative,” Matthews continued. “Thanks to our CEO, Ralph Martin, we have been given leeway to return some of the features readers loved so much, including comics and horoscopes.”

While reading comics and horoscopes are part of the everyday routine of many, it is similarly hoped that “Hints From Heloise” will be enjoyed by Independent readers.

Heloise is also a contributing editor of Good Housekeeping magazine and monthly columnist of “Ask Heloise,” as well as appearing as a frequent guest on radio and national television, including spots on the Late Show with David Letterman, Today Show, The View, CNN and local stations.

Her syndicated column runs seven days a week in more than 500 newspapers in the United States and internationally.

“I am thrilled that we have the chance to do that, and I hope our readers will enjoy the new features,” she said. “What’s more, I hope readers will continue to let us know what they want to see most in our daily paper. For over 90 years, our readers have supported us and we, in turn, owe it to our readers to return that loyalty.”

Staff reports

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