SRMC doctors perform new procedure

Sampson Regional Medical Center (SRMC) proudly announces the first laparoscopic colectomy performed at the facility. Drs. Fleury and Mendible, of Sampson Surgical Services, are experienced in the minimally-invasive, laparoscopic technique that has previously been performed as an open-surgery option at SRMC. A colectomy is a surgical procedure that removes part or all of the large intestine. A patient may require a colectomy for conditions such as cancer, irritable bowel disease, diverticulitis, volvulus and bleeding or blockages.

Laparoscopic colectomy is performed with three to five small incisions that are less than a ¼ inch in length. Thin tubes, called trocars, are inserted into the incisions with a thin telescope inserted into one of the tubes. This telescope provides the visual image transmitted onto a TV screen that allows the surgical team to see inside the abdomen. Specialized laparoscopic surgical instruments are then inserted into the remaining trocars to assist the surgeon in performing the operation.

For the qualified patient, there are many advantages to having a colectomy performed laparoscopically. These advantages include:

· Shorter hospital stay

· Shorter recovery time

· Less pain from the incisions

· Faster return to normal diet

· Faster return to work or normal activity

· Better cosmetic healing

A physician will decide whether or not a patient is eligible for a minimally-invasive colectomy, but there are some conditions that may decrease a patient’s eligibility. For more information, please speak with your primary care provider.

“This is an excellent new option for patients who may require a colectomy,” stated Hunter Balltzglier, Director of Practice Management at Sampson Regional Medical Center. “Sampson Regional Medical Center and our area physicians continue to show commitment to providing the safest and most effective options for care to patients in our region.”

For more information about this and other services performed by Fleury and Mendible, please contact Sampson Surgical Services at 910.596.6113 or visit
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