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By Kristy D. Carter -


The Sampson Community College Foundation is on the heels of a very successful year and is currently gearing up for what they hope will be another successful fundraising year.

According to the foundation’s director, Lisa Turlington, as of June 30, the 2014-15 year has ended and she, along with directors, are preparing for what lies ahead.

The Foundation’s total amount raised during the past year is up from the previous year’s total. During all of last year’s fund-raising events, a total of $260,000 was raised to help fund the foundation’s many educational endeavors. This is up $48,000 more than last year’s total. The foundation was organized to receive monetary and physical gifts, which aide educational programs at the college.

Throughout the year, the foundation sponsors many events, such as a campus drive, a golf tournament and auction, and a phone-a-thon, all to raise money, much of which goes to fund scholarships for students.

During last year’s campus drive, Turlington said a total of $17,000 was raised with a 100 percent participation rate from the faculty and staff.

“They believe in what’s going on,” Turlington acknowledged.

This year’s campus drive will be held Oct. 7 and Turlington is hoping the campus embraces this year’s Biker theme, “That’s How We Roll.” During the activities, Turlington said the Center for Health and Wellness will hold spin trials and motorcycles will be available to ride around campus. Participants are asked to ride their bicycles in the Tour de Sampson.

Last year’s golf tournament, bringing in a total of $38,000 to help the foundation, allowed 150 individuals and businesses to come together and be involved in many different ways. Kicking off this year’s tournament will be a silent auction on Nov. 5 at Coharie Country Club. The golf tournament will be held the following day, Nov. 6, at Coharie Country Club.

Another annual fund-raising effort for the foundation has been the phone-a-thon, which was cancelled this past year due to inclement weather. The Foundation is looking at holding this event in March. In the past, this has been a live television broadcast, supported by Star Communications, which showcases local talent and the college.

Much of the foundation’s money helps fund scholarships, Turlington said. Approximately $103,000 has been slated towards funding scholarships for the upcoming year. Some of the money raised helps build endowments. Turlington said about $30,000 has been given towards this.

The SCC Foundation also takes pride in helping give grant money to sponsor happenings around the college. The foundation has given money that has helped contribute to the continuing education program, various events at the school, the Basic Law Enforcement Training graduation, the ESL spelling bee and the Phi Beta Kappa organization.

During the past year, 16 mini grants were awarded. According to Turlington, those grants were for BLET, ESL Spelling Bee, background checks, recruitment events, an Industrial Systems student, graduation service, workshops and Nursing Continuing Education.

The foundation kicked off this year’s events Sept. 9 with a Scholar/Donor Cookout, sponsored by U.S. Foods.

“This was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the scholars and the generosity of the donors,” Turlington said. “It is a big effort by all.”

On Sept. 29, the foundation will be holding the Donor Appreciation Reception, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Neal Strickland at their home.

“This is a casual evening that allows the sponsors and donors to visit and talk with each other,” Turlington said.

During an art show Sept. 23, Small House paintings were on display at the college, with a theme of “Bike, Trikes and Cycles.”

The foundation’s assistant, Brandon Wiggins, has stepped up the social networking for the foundation, putting the foundation on Facebook and Twitter. Wiggins said this is a way to get the foundation’s information and happenings out to the public. To follow the foundation on Twitter, follow @FoundationSCC. To find the foundation on Facebook, visit

For more information about the foundation or donating to the foundation, you may contact Turlington or Wiggins at 910-592-8081.

Reach Kristy D. Carter at 910-592-8137, ext. 2588. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd. Like us on Facebook.

By Kristy D. Carter


Reach Kristy D. Carter at 910-592-8137, ext. 2588. Follow us on Twitter at @SampsonInd. Like us on Facebook.

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