UES receives eBook grant

Children at Union Elementary School are headed back to school with access to a brand new digital library, Fun eReader. The school was awarded a grant from Arbordale Publishing that includes access to the company’s ebook platform for two years. Children are able to read on computers, tablets or phones in school or at home through the Fun eReader.

Arbordale chose three schools in each state to receive this grant. The company received hundreds of applications to consider and announced the awardees in May, just before the end of the 2014-2015 school year. After working with schools to get the ebooks in place and showing administrators all of the educational features over the summer, the two-year project is ready to begin.

As an independent publisher of children’s science and math picture book, Arbordale has long held the mission to spark an interest in reading, science and math at an early age. In recent years, the publisher has released a sophisticated e-reading platform with dual-language (English and Spanish), audio with word highlighting and speed control (for literacy and language learning), and built-in teaching resources including packets of cross-curricular teaching activities and comprehension quizzes.

Families are able to log on and read the books at home on a computer or a tablet with the Fun eReader apps and should contact your child’s teacher to learn more about accessing the ebooks.

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