SCC Foundation announces EXCEL recipients

Pictured, from left, are: EXCEL recipient Robin Bradshaw, chairman of EXCEL Committee Amelia Surratt and EXCEL recipient Marion Pope.

The Sampson Community College Foundation has been recognizing EXCEL recipients since 1991 in two categories — faculty and non-faculty. On Tuesday, Sept. 29, the honor was continued as the 2015 EXCEL recipients were recognized.

“The Foundation is proud to sponsor this prestigious award and it is exciting to make the announcements at the annual Appreciation Reception,” said Lisa Turlington, executive director of the Sampson Community College Foundation. “Our donors can see first-hand the exceptional quality of staff and faculty at SCC.”

In an effort to recognize outstanding employees, both instructional and non-instructional, the SCC Foundation established a special award of merit.

“While all SCC employees are special, there are those who go beyond all expectations in their vocation and in their community,” Amelia Surratt, chairman of EXCEL Committee, explained. “To this end, the Foundation promotes and encourages the attainment of this high level of achievement and performance by SCC employees,”

‘The SCC Foundation’s EXCEL Award recipients for this year, Marion Pope and Robin Bradshaw continue the rich tradition at the college of remarkable and dedicated employees that render great service to our students and community,” SCC President Dr. Paul Hutchins attested.

Finalist Benita Hayes, department chair of Office Administration and Medical Office Administration, was also recognized.

Lew Gravis, director of Distance Learning, said he has had the honor and distinct pleasure of supervising Marion Pope, Distance Learning assistant, for nearly five years during her employment at Sampson Community College.

“She is more than deserving of the EXCEL Award considering that she rises to every challenge presented and excels at everything she does,” Gravis said.

When the decision to made to switch the college’s learning management systems, Marion willingly accepted and embarked on the monumental journey to transition, a process that took nearly two years to full implementation, Gravis noted.

“Marion was actively involved in the process every step of the way,” Gravis pointed out. “Shortly after the management system was converted for Distance Learning, the system was adopted campus-wide. Today, in regards to the learning management system, Marion provides support to the nearly 600 courses throughout the year, for all students and professors that utilize this program. Marion is committed, hard-working, conscientious, and an invaluable resource to Sampson Community College.”

Beyond surprised, Pope said she was honored.

“I am truly honored to have been selected as the 2015 Sampson Community College Foundation EXCEL award winner for non-instructional employees,” Pope said. “I am sincerely grateful for the nomination from Mr. Lew Gravis, director of Distance Learning. I am also thankful for the SCC Foundation Excel award staff and committee for choosing me as the recipient for this wonderful award.”

The other EXCEL recipient, Bradshaw joined the nursing assistant faculty in 2001 and is currently coordinator for Unlicensed Healthcare Programs

“Mrs. Bradshaw utilizes the treasures she possesses in her role as an instructor and coordinator … patience, truth, and joy but the one quality she puts in everything she does here at SCC is love. Love for SCC, the students and her co-workers,” Wanda Capps, division chair of Health programs, stated in her nomination.

Bradshaw proudly proclaims she is a SCC ADN graduate and SCC is “fortunate to have someone who returned home to share her gifts and talents,” Capps noted. She is a “sold-out” SCC faculty member and believes in the college’s purposes and its goals, a dedicated, capable employee who chooses to use her many talents and experiences to make the SCC and the Division of Healthcare Programs the best it can be, Capps further stated.

“I’ve heard her say more than once, ‘there’s no place I’d rather be,’” Capps said. Bradshaw reiterated that point upon receiving the award.

“It is a very humbling experience to receive an award for doing a job that you enjoy so much,” Bradshaw stated. “Sampson Community College is a great place to be.”

For more information about the SCC Foundation, visit or call Lisa Turlington at 910-592-8081.

Pictured, from left, are: EXCEL recipient Robin Bradshaw, chairman of EXCEL Committee Amelia Surratt and EXCEL recipient Marion Pope., from left, are: EXCEL recipient Robin Bradshaw, chairman of EXCEL Committee Amelia Surratt and EXCEL recipient Marion Pope.
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