Gillespie joins Student Services team at SCC

Perry Gillespie has joined the Student Services team at Sampson Community College.

As the nucleus of Student Support at Sampson Community College, Student Services strives to assist students with various aspects of their education from pre-admission and enrollment through graduation, career or transfer planning.

With a dedicated staff to help all students achieve their goals, while developing self-direction and independence, Perry Gillespie has joined the Student Services team.

“As of July 1, 2015, Perry Gillespie is the new, and first, Career Specialist at Sampson Community College,” Blair Hairr, Director of Admissions, said. “Though this position is new to SCC, community colleges across the state are using similar positions to serve primarily as a liaison between the college and local high schools.”

According to Blair, the community college is working hard to assist students who are seeking classes beyond high school.

“Our vision for this position is to serve and assist high school students and staff primarily with Career and College Promise (CCP), and postsecondary education, on a weekly basis at each of the local high schools,” Blair said. “Career and College Promise provides seamless dual enrollment educational opportunities for eligible North Carolina high school students in order to accelerate completion of college certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees that lead to college transfer or provide entry-level jobs.”

According to Gillespie, CCP is a great way for students to get a jump start on college without paying the tuition fee. This program also allows students to gain a sense of what college is like before they graduate high school.

“This is beneficial, as they move forward and determine their next educational step” Gillespie said. “I hope each student I work with will take advantage of the Career and College Promise as a Junior and senior in high school, again, tuition free. Students would be responsible to purchase their books and materials for the course, as well as pay the student fee to the community college. Personally, I hope to become an integral part within each high school so students will know and understand this opportunity.”

Over the last few weeks, Dr. Paul Hutchins, President of SCC, Gillespie, and Hairr met with the administration at each of the local high schools to discuss our vision for Gillespie’s position.

“We are thrilled to say, each school was very receptive and are looking forward to having Perry on their campus once per week,” Hairr said. “Perry will be at Lakewood on Mondays, Clinton on Tuesdays, Hobbton on Wednesdays, Union on Thursdays, and Midway on Fridays. Several teachers have already scheduled him to meet with their CTE classes. While Perry is in the schools he will make classroom presentations, set up an SCC table during lunch, meet with students and parents, register students for CCP classes, and more.”

For more information about the Career and College Promise (CCP) program or student services at SCC which handles admissions, placement testing, counseling, registration and records, financial aid, veterans assistance, career counseling, disability services, transfer assistance, and coordination of student activities, call 910-592-8081 or visit

Perry Gillespie has joined the Student Services team at Sampson Community College. Gillespie has joined the Student Services team at Sampson Community College.
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