Vital statistics

Land Transfers

Somboon Jay Kachaenchai to Christopher L. West and Kayla L. West

Somboon Jay Kachaencha to Dorothea I. Ellis and William Everett Ellis

Sherry Lynn Daniels and William Anthony Daniels to James David Lee

Cathy M. Honrine and Hugh A. Honrine to Ma Guadalupe Mejia Garcia

Sarah Evelyn P. Edwards, Estate and Linda Edwards Gregory, Admr Cta to Justin R. Edwards and Linda Edwards Gregory

Rebecca Anne Olguin to Claudia E. Trujillo

Anthony T. Tyndall and Lorie Gervais Tyndall to Amy Gregory

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Michael Wilburn Petty and Teresa Petty

Comfort Homes, Inc. to Hunter Lee Johnston

Lina Patricia H. Leonard and Ralph L. Leonard, Jr. to Justin Edward Smith

Kenneth Dale Stone to Deana R. Willett

Betty E. Rivenbark, Betty Ezzell Rivenbark and William Rupert Rivenbark to Carmela Aubrey Robinson, Charles Robinson and Joseph Jacqueline Robinson

Mamie Irutha Vann to Mavis L. Walters

Carolyn P. Naylor and James F. Naylor to Jasbleidy Kydes

Rosa D. Meredith to Lonnie Chestnutt, Tr., Morris Chesnutt, Tr., Deliverance Victory Temple Ministries and Thomas Robinson, Tr.

Bank of America, N. A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Jayn Margaret Moore, Jan M. Ringley, AKA and Jayn M. Ringley, AKA to Integral Realty, LLC.

Charles Cousins Amended and Restated Trust Agreement, Charles Cousins and Catherine Lynne Cousins Veal, Tr. to Michael D. Laraway and Sherie L. Laraway

Evelyn Hernandez and Benjamin Santos, Jr. to Esmeralda Mondragon and Sylvester Mondragon

Walter Devane Hargrove to Maureen Miller

Annie Doris Bryant, Annie Doris Bryant, Gdn, Willie Joyce Carr, Mary Rose Hayes, Ezzline Johnson, by AIF, Velma Vann Johnson, AIF, Ann J. Robinson, Estate, Feenie Robinson, Feenie M. Robinson, Willie Mary Vann Robinson, Estate, David Tyrone Vann, Don Nelson Vann, by Gdn and Perry Lee Vann to Lidia Maria Rivera

Larzaris R. Butler to Butler’s Heritage, LLC

Jewel Pearl Hudson Crumpler to Debra Kay Crumpler and Jewel Pearl Hudson Crumpler

DSU Investments LLC and Ann C. Milton, Mgr/Mbr to Dwayne Dubey

Pemco, Ltd. and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Anthony Davis and Frank J. Dubowski

Willie Lee Duncan, Estate, Patricia L. Duncan Watkins, Exr. and Patricia L. Duncan Watkins to Ronald Davis Byrd and Teresa Johnson Byrd

William R. Roth Roffy and William R. Roth-Roffy to Fabienne Narron and Ricky Narron

Carolyn Spell and Norman Spell, Estate to Charles Cullen Osborne

Charles C. Staley and Melissa Ann Staley to Watery Branch, LLC

Building Permits

Brady Waters, residential addition – 620 sq. ft.

Mindi Quinn, new single family dwelling – 3,748 sq. ft.

Lisa C. Autry, new single family dwelling – 2,432 sq. ft.

LDTB Development Company LLC, new single family dwelling – 1,828 sq. ft.

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