Parson says goodbye to Garland

Jay Parsons speaks to the Garland County Commission about his retirement from the Sampson County Sheriff’s Department.

GARLAND — After years of law enforcement service to the town of Garland, Jay Parsons officially announced his retirement to the town’s commissioners during a meeting this week.

“It’s with heavy heart that I must inform you of my retirement from the Sheriff’s Office due to medical reasons,” the retired sergeant said Tuesday night.

Although Parsons addressed the commissioners and community members Tuesday evening, his retirement actually went into effect May 1.

“As you know I had my third shoulder injury in December,” Parsons explained. “This was by far the worst surgery that I had to endure. The doctors put me on very strict limitations and that’s what keeps me from performing my job duties as I need to do.”

During his time in Garland, Parsons said he enjoyed working with everyone.

“I truly enjoyed serving the people of Garland,” he said. “I feel that I have made many friends, and by working together, we have made a difference. I wish the best for each of you and the citizens of Garland.”

He also requested involvement in the selection process for the next sergeant who will oversee law enforcement and safety in the town.

“I think you need someone that can pick up where I left off or do some things maybe I haven’t thought about to help and move Garland forward at the same time,” Parsons said. “I hope to have a part in that and possibly ride with that officer from time to time.”

During his closing remarks, Parsons said it was something he thought about a lot. But his shoulder problems is limiting his duties as a sheriff’s deputy, which includes helping another officer in a time of need during a physical situation.

Commissioners commended Parsons for his work.

“We’ve enjoyed having you,” Commissioner Ralph Smith attested.

Mayor Winifred Murphy thanked him for his service to Garland and said she prayed for his recovery as well. One of his noted accomplishments was moving the sheriff’s annex uptown.

“I think that was a very good choice and it increased visibility for our citizens,” Murphy said about residents stopping by and speaking with the deputies.

Parson said it also improved the morale of law enforcement agencies who spent time and worked at the annex. Currently, the building is undergoing maintenance due to flooding issues.

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