Road not easy for SCC success story

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SCC student Johna Barbour is working hard on her second career.

Johna Barbour is a busy wife and mother of two sons, ages 18 and 19. She is also this year’s SCC Academic Excellence recipient.

Barbour had a career she loved as a medical transcriptionist for almost two decades before the unthinkable happened. She was laid off due to voice recognition software that began taking over the industry, replacing humans, virtually thinning the opportunities for those in that field altogether.

After her layoff in May 2014, she was accepted into the Workforce Investment Act Program which allowed her to go back to school. She decided to get her degree at Sampson Community College in Accounting and Business Administration and started in the fall semester of 2014.

One week after starting school, she began a part-time job with Spell Construction in Stedman as AP Administrator. They were supportive in allowing Barbour a flexible schedule to complete her degree and she had the advantage of getting on the job training in conjunction with her education. Upon graduation, Barbour plans to work for them full time.

“The teachers, support staff, and fellow students at SCC have provided me with a high level of encouragement and support,” says Barbour. “Trying to balance school, work, family, and home is sometimes difficult; however, with dedication and hard work it can be done successfully.”

Along the way, Barbour applied for and received scholarships from the North Carolina Community Foundation, the NC Education Lottery. The American Business Women’s Association, Star Telephone and the SCC Foundation.

Now Barbour, also a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, is this year’s Sampson Community College 2016 Academic Excellence Recipient as well. Barbour is thankful for her accolades and serves as inspiration to other students or potential students to never give up on their education, apply for scholarships and make it work. It can work, regardless of circumstances.

From SCC

SCC student Johna Barbour is working hard on her second career. student Johna Barbour is working hard on her second career.
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