Country meal costs couple, jailed in fraud

By Chris Berendt -



GARLAND — Two people have been arrested in connection with a dine-and-dash at Colleen’s Country Kitchen, reportedly leaving behind a fake $100 bill at the restaurant before making a quick exit with change in hand and the store owner in hot pursuit.

The nominally priced meal put the two Sampson residents behind bars under multiple charges after the owner was able to track down more information and share it with Sampson County Sheriff’s authorities, who further investigated the matter.

Farrish Jeanette Evans, 29, of 100 W. Magnolia Lisbon Road, Rose Hill, was charged with fraud- obtaining property by false pretense, a felony offense, and misdemeanor larceny. Mario Andre Parker, 46, of 7290 Old Mintz Hwy., Garland, was arrested a short time later that same day, receiving identical charges in the case.

According to reports, the charges stemmed from a meal the two had on Monday at Colleen’s. According to initial reports, the incident occurred shortly before 9 a.m. Monday.

Parker reportedly entered the restaurant, located on South Ingold Avenue in Garland, and ordered a meal. After eating, the suspect paid the clerk with a $100 bill. After the clerk gave the suspect his change of $96.90 back, Parker “took off running out the front door,” Sheriff’s Lt. Marcus Smith said Wednesday.

“The clerk became suspicious and looked at the $100 bill closer and immediately knew it was fraudulent,” Smith stated.

The clerk was able to obtain a description of the vehicle, said to be a Range Rover, as well as a direction of travel, immediately alerting store owner Ken Meyers, who pursued after the vehicle and was able to obtain more information to identify the suspect who passed the $100 bill as well as his female getaway driver, later identified as Evans, authorities said.

The store owner alerted authorities and, following an investigation by the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division, enough probable cause was established to obtain warrants on both suspects, Smith said.

Evans was taken into custody in the area of Northwest Railroad Street and Johnson Street in Roseboro on Tuesday. Parker was served at the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office later that day.

Secured bonds for Evans and Parker were set at $7,500. They were given a court date of May 20.

Reach Managing Editor Chris Berendt at 910-249-4616. Follow the paper on twitter @SampsonInd and like us on Facebook.

By Chris Berendt



Reach Managing Editor Chris Berendt at 910-249-4616. Follow the paper on twitter @SampsonInd and like us on Facebook.


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