UMO and JSCC partner to enhance college transfer

President of JSCC Dr. Lawrence L. Rouse and President of the UMO Dr. Philip P. Kerstetter sign the official documents solidifying the agreement.

MOUNT OLIVE — The University of Mount Olive (UMO) and James Sprunt Community College (JSCC) have reached a partnership agreement that will enhance and expand options for community college students. The University of Mount Olive Bridge allows associate of applied science degree graduates from James Sprunt Community College to transfer seamlessly into the full range of bachelor degree programs at any of the University of Mount Olive’s seven locations in eastern North Carolina.

In partnership, the University of Mount Olive and JSCC will also enhance and expand the University of Mount Olive’s participation as a signatory institution in the North Carolina Community College System Independent Colleges and Universities Universal General Education Transfer Component Agreement (UGETC). This agreement honors the transfer of Associate of Arts and Associate of Science graduates’ programs of study.

Under the Bridge and UGETC arrangements, JSCC students are eligible to apply for all state and federal financial aid. Other components of the agreement include:

The University of Mount Olive will provide current students and recent graduates guaranteed admission and acceptance of appropriate transfer hours, up to 64 credits from specified AAS programs with a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

JSCC AAS graduates will receive up to 64 hours of credit for completed courses. These credit hours will include a combination of hours of general education credit, hours of elective credit, or hours of credit toward the major as evaluated by appropriate UMO division/departmental advisors and the UMO Registrar’s Office.

Encourage AA, AS, and AAS degree completion at JSCC.

JSCC graduates will be eligible to apply for all State and Federal financial aid and some University of Mount Olive institutional scholarships, to the extent those are available to similarly classified University of Mount Olive students.

JSCC graduates will be eligible for consideration of the full range of academic programs at the University of Mount Olive locations. Provide JSCC with program specific Transfer Guides and marketing materials.

Assign a University of Mount Olive Admissions representative with regular hours at JSCC for advising students interested in transfer to the University of Mount Olive.

The partnership between UMO and JSCC is what Dr. Philip P. Kerstetter, president of the University of Mount Olive, says will create an excellent opportunity for community college students to continue their education and prepare them for the future.

The University of Mount Olive – JSCC partnership enhances the University of Mount Olive’s relationship with the North Carolina Community College System, as a participating member of the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement.

James Sprunt Community College is a service-oriented college that responds to the needs of Duplin and surrounding counties by enabling a diverse population to attain their personal, academic and career goals. The College will meet and enhance the educational needs of the community accomplished through effective teaching and learning.

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