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By Becky Spell Vann Contributing columnist

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Do you have a top ten list of things you would like God to do for you? Individual lists would have many different things, while some of them would be the same. The #1 thing we would all desire from God is eternal life with Him in Heaven. Make a list of your top ten and pray over them. While thinking of what we would like from Him. Let’s center our thoughts of what God’s Top Ten for us might be.

God’s Top Ten

1. Put God First

2. Worship Him only

3. No bad words

4. Work six days; rest on the seventh day

5. Obey your parents

6. Harm No one

7. Don’t cheat

8. Don’t Take What is not Yours

9. Tell the truth

10. Be Happy with what you Have

How many of God’s Top Ten can you check off? If God is first, we would make no excuses when we fail to put Him before anything else in our lives. We make the choice to keep Him in first place in all things. With many people, HE has first place only on Sunday morning? DO we worship anything besides God? If it comes before Him, then we worship it. Anything that takes precedence in our lives and the majority of our time becomes what we worship. Could that be cell phones, facebook, money, cars, work, etc.?

How is our language? Many little children get into trouble for using vulgar language. When talking with them, a large percentage tell about a parent or sibling who uses bad language at home. They mimic what they here. We set an example by the words that come from our mouths.

Do we rest on Sundays? Does anyone rest on Sundays anymore? Sunday is worship day for Christians. If we follow the example of Chick Filet, we will not work on the seventh day. Work is defined differently by those who do it. What matters most is that worship time is honored and rest from work happens.

Obeying your parents is one God promises to bless those who honor this commandment; He warns His children not to break it, not to rebel or go against their parents, but to respect their authority. God’s Word also instructs parents to train up their children to love Him and in the way they should go…and they may depart but will return in His time and way to the love and teaching taught by Christian parents.

Harming others sounds harsh. We may not murder or hurt physically the people in our paths of life, but what about slandering, shaming, shunning, or seeing them in need and neglecting to help. We can harm people with our words and ways and never even realize it. We must live in discernment and discretely treat others as we want to be treated.

Don’t cheat or don’t take what’s not yours are two of God’s top ten that have become ways of the world and actions we try to justify. Who do we trust? Do we even trust ourselves when in a situation for taking or cheating is an open door.

Telling the truth is an easy one, right? Well, let’s ask ourselves …how many times today have you or I not told the truth? The whole truth and nothing but the truth are words that carry little weight in our world today. The phone rings and we are busy or see the caller ID. We tell a family member, ‘just tell them I’m not here.” A friend asks for a favor and we tell a little white fib if we just don’t want to do it. How many times do we get ourselves into a jam with people when we try to please them all and miserably fail. If we cannot do something they ask, we should give an honest, loving response. Being a person of our word with honesty is honorable and pleasing to God. He is truthful with us…even if we aren’t listening and receiving His Word to our hearts….He still speaks words of life, love, and honesty to His children. We will maintain integrity and trust among circles of family members, friends, and those who don’t know us but have heard about us.

Be Happy with What You Have! Wow, this is one of God’s Top Ten that’s tough to do. We are products of an era when more, more, more is much ado. We are blessed with so much ‘stuff’ that we are overflowing with nowhere to store it all. When we tire of ‘things’ in perfectly good shape, we throw it (them) out and bring in more. This applies to people in our lives too. We do not cherish the things and people God has entrusted in our care. The grass looks so green in other pastures. Oh that we would cherish what we have while enjoying the blessings of ‘more’ as needed and sent by God.

Visiting people who live in countries where ‘having a little is a lot’ to them would be a fabulous field trip for all of us. Goodness sakes, we don’t have to go to a foreign country, do we? Here at home, there are those who live modestly with very little worldly goods in their possession. We try to give our children more than we had, as our parents did. While our intentions are good, our efforts to give and get more, more, more can consume and cause heartaches to overtake happiness.

So, how do you rank in honoring God’s Top Ten? Honestly, I am ashamed to share my score. I try every day and don’t break any of His TOP Ten on purpose. Yet, I am guilty of breaking all of them…even if just a little on some of them. God made us and realizes we are human. His Son was the only One who walked this earth and did not break His Top Ten, did not sin, and stayed true to His love and loyalty to His Father throughout His journey. Jesus carried out His Father’s plans when He asked if the cup could be taken away? Jesus died on the cross, the sacrifice, the Savior who paid the price for our sins. Because He died for us and because He lives…we can face tomorrow without worrying that we might not keep each commandment of the law, His Top Ten!

When we ask Jesus into our hearts and stay connected to Him, we will understand the beauty of His GRACE! And though we may break one of His commands…we reap the blessings of repentance and reassurance that we belong to Him. The joy of loving our Lord instills a joy and desire to keep His commandments. We come closer to the Lord and loved ones when we live out loud in love. Living each day in joy, peace, excitement to honor Him and His commandments - because of the amazing love and grace HE gives, and blessed assurance that Jesus is mine…it’s a foretaste of glory divine, reserves a one way ticket to heaven.

When Jesus is Lord of our lives and lives in our hearts, we have that blessed assurance, while write the rest of our loves stories on earth… that when our work here is done and He calls us home, we will hear these words with open arms… ‘Well done my good and faithful servant”…not, ‘You didn’t keep My Top Ten”!

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