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By Mark Joyner Contributing columnist

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Ghosts and Hauntings

Right now, paranormal investigation is a hot subject. There are many shows on television that supposedly follow real life investigators as they prove or disprove the existence of ghosts. Usually, I like to have a reasonably objective opinion on popular topics, but when it comes to ghosts, I have to be one-sided. If you are a non-believer or a skeptic, then this article is probably not for you. I am a firm believer in the existence of the ghosts, and my mind will not be changed on the subject. After all, I know what I have seen.

I’m not alone, either. Millions of people report seeing, hearing or feeling the presence of other-worldly spirits. Depending on who you are talking to, these ghosts might be simple apparitions or super-evil, un-named forces from the Dark Side. Since I do NOT believe in super-evil, un-named forces from the Dark Side, I am going to stick to plain, old-fashioned ghosts. The definition of a plain, old-fashioned ghosts is; “the spirit of a deceased person”. Do you think you live in a haunted house? Do you feel personally haunted? Or do you own a haunted object? Well, if you BELIEVE you do, then read on as I try to organize and categorize the different types and levels of ghosts and hauntings.

Types of Hauntings vs. Classification of Ghosts: Depending on which expert you read, ghosts and hauntings all have different terms attached to them. There are those people who believe that every bump in the night is a ghost. There are those that think every cold spot is something evil. However, I have managed to pin together a basic way of understanding the different ways a house can be haunted, as well as how “strong” the ghost is. Ghost hunting has changed a lot thanks to reality television. Ghosts however, are pretty much the same as they have been since the beginning of time. Hauntings: Almost all the paranormal sites agree that there are six basic types of haunting activities.

Residual: This is not technically a haunting. The people that left the ‘residue’, such as footsteps, laughter, crying, apparitions, etc. may not even be dead. Whenever they were in the particular place where they continue to haunt, they left a strong impression of themselves. Usually this was from one single event, and could have been something tragic, something happy, or something stressful. It could even be a routine that was repeated so often it left a sort of invisible groove. Interactive: This is a ghost that doesn’t just live in its own world. It can see us, hear us, and communicate with us. This is considered an intelligent haunting. Poltergeist: We have all seen the movie, but in truth, Poltergeist activity is not cause by ghosts at all. Or indeed, any type of supernatural creature. Poltergeist activity is cause by the human brain. Usually, this activity is linked to homes with children entering puberty. The human body is already full of energy and if you add the stress of approaching adulthood, and the hormones, the body becomes a powerhouse. In most cases, the person causing the incidents is unaware that they are in charge. They are usually the ones attacked by the “spirit” the most. The more they are pinched, pulled, harassed, and frightened, the more scared they become and the more powerful the poltergeist can become. Demons: I won’t go into detail, as I said, because I do not believe in them, and they are not ghosts. Shadow People: No one can really define these apparitions. They are not ghosts, but are commonly seen. Portal Hauntings: A fascinating concept that explains some of the strange things people see. A portal is opened up between time or dimensions and we see glimpses of things from other worlds, the past, or future. Even though this sounds fun to explore, these too, are not real ghosts. As a paranormal investigator here in Sampson County I’m hearing and starting to get more and more people coming up to me or calling and wanting to tell there situations to me. Yes readers, we do have people here in our county that have experienced or are experiencing this type of activity and are coming forward, it’s not shameful to admit this type of activity. We are here to help you get through this so if you need us here is how to receive our help at no cost to you my contact info 911ghostriderhd@gmail.com or www.nightwhispersparanormalresearchinvestigations.com you can also reach Billy Edwards at billy.edwards.9047@facebook.com or www.southernparanormalsocietync.com Thank you to all the readers that have come up to me and said they like reading Paranormal Chat by Mark Joyner.

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