Who is God planning to send?

By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing columnist

Who will He send? These words were surely murmured in the camp as Goliath roared with laughter and looked over a great gathering of God’s people hoping King Saul would not send them to slay the giant. Christians cowered in fear, choosing the comfort of the camp instead of the challenge. David was young but willing to step in faith. With his trusted slingshot, David faced the giant and defended God with honor. Even David’s brothers doubted David and told him to go home to the fields. Yet, David’s years of being a good shepherd prepared him for the time when God would send him. David’s faith – not fear – ruled in his heart; he was the ‘apple of God’s eye’, and God sent him to do amazing things in his lifetime.

During a recent worship service in the chapel at my church, tears flowed and His sweet Spirit moved powerfully. Our church family bonded in love and prayer for several families facing giants of sickness and situations that could take their sunshine away. God is pleased when His children come together praying and helping family members in need. When He sends us to help (whatever way we feel led), we should go. My heart stirred to help as the piano solo echoed beautifully through our quaint chapel. I took a gift to help with travel or meals from my pocket and wrote a note of love and encouragement. Then, I prayed over it as silence filled the room. The family, who would travel to Chicago the last week of July for their son’s critical heart surgery, one that had never been done in the United States, sat in a pew near me. Their faith illuminated the chapel like sunrays beaming through the stain-glassed windows. One could feel the presence of the One who created and cares for all His children and sends help in our time of need. Messengers from our church were in Chicago that week to pray, comfort, and believe God would send a miracle. At the time of surgery, church family members gathered to pray and believe also. Driving home from work that Thursday afternoon, my phone beeped with a message of joy from our pastor. The miracle came on the second try when the surgeons, guided by God, successfully completed the historic heart surgery. Miracles, like David killing the giant, the heart surgery being successful, and other amazing things you and your families have experienced are being sent by God to show us He is able and still a miracle working God if we seek Him faithfully and believe! His children (you and me) are able to slay giants and see great things when we put our trust and faith in Him. Who will He send?

Before the service began, I put my Bible on my lap and it opened to II Kings. Reading the eighteenth chapter showed the courage of a Godly leader who was sent to clean up the land. Hezekiah was only 25 when he began his 29 year reign over Jerusalem. Even as a young leader, he did right in the sight of the Lord. The first thing he did when he became King was to get rid of the things that kept his people from walking in obedience to God. This powerful scripture and Pastor Rays’ sermon on Job caused me to ponder things that can change our lives forever, like the political election taking our nation by storm.

Sunday afternoon, I opened my Bible and read the rest of II Kings. The chapters were filled with kings sent to lead the people through perilous times. Some leaders chose to rule selfishly without seeking God’s way and openly allowing the worship of other gods. They met dismal fates, as did people under their leadership. Godly leaders, like Hezekiah and David, continuously sought God’s heart and secured His favor.

The people under Hezekiah’s rule faced troubles, especially from his rival – the King of Assyria – who sent messengers to undermine and make the people think King Hezekiah was deceiving them. They mocked King Hezekiah for abolishing other gods and said the Lord would not deliver them. They told the people of Judah the grass would be greener under their king’s leadership. They belittled King Hezekiah and told his people not to believe him or trust the Lord, but the people remained silent as commanded by Hezekiah. They trusted their Godly leader who proved he was a man of his word and of God’s Word. You know the rest of the story. King Hezekiah did not back down to doing what was right in God’s sight or cower in fear when attacks came from every which way he turned. He stood firm in faith, trusting and obeying God all the way to victory!

Closing my Bible, I pondered things happening in our country that cause me to cry. Sitting in silence, I prayed for people seeking help in hospitals here at home and across our nation. Time passed, dusk settled, and my flowers surely needed watering. Wondering if rain was forecast, I flipped on our television. News reports were dismal, sharing another police ambush, an awful car accident, embarrassing scenes from two political conventions that shamed America in ways I never thought would be witnessed by we, the people of the United States of America, even people burning the flag! Both candidates took center stage on the screen with promises to do great things, wielding words of deceit, shouting accusations, and never a word said about seeking help from or showing honor to God! My heart ached for a Hezekiah.

Who will we send to the highest office in the land? Who can we trust? Who will stand up for God, our Creator and Caretaker whose Word teaches that All Lives Matter to Him? Who stands for truth and integrity? Who puts God first, believes in Jesus as His Son, and seeks help from the Holy Ghost…the Helper who has guided many great leaders throughout history? Whose steps are ordered from special interest groups or other gods…whose are ordered by God? Who is confident in who they are in God’s eyes, who will stand for what is right and not cower in fear when giants come against us…one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all? Who is listening to Jesus?

I thought of how God must feel as He watches and waits for our nation to honor Him and do what is right in His sight. But what can we do? We can pray, fast, turn our eyes upon Him, and trust our heavenly Father to work a miracle…for it is God who made America Great and knows what will happen to this land we love and call home, sweet home!

Who will He send?


By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing columnist

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.

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