What kind of Christian are you?

By Pastor Gilbert Owens - Guest Columnist

There are only two kinds of people in this world. There are people who are saved and people who are unsaved.

God does not see Blacks, Whites, Latinos, etc. God does not see Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, etc. He only sees who has accepted his Son, Jesus Christ, and who has rejected his Son, Jesus Christ.

And when God looks at the saved, he makes a distinction between mature Christians and immature Christians. It is God’s desire that all Christians enter into maturity. Both mature and immature Christians will enter into heaven. But it is the mature Christians that will live an abundant life while still here on earth. Living an abundant life has nothing to do with material things but it has all to do with knowing the divine truth of God’s word and walking thereby. God said through the Apostle Paul in 3 John 4, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

Immature Christians are those who can only drink the milk of God’s word. They are also carnal, (fleshy), as evident by being envious of others, creating strife within the body and by creating and adhering to division within the body. Immature Christians are those who can only hear the Word of God from their pastor and only attend their local church where they are members. They are incapable of hearing the meat of God’s word. All of this is explained at I Corinthians 3:1-10.

Immature Christians who can only drink the milk of God’s Word are those who can receive and understand what Jesus Christ did while He was on earth, but they cannot perceive and understand what Jesus is doing now and they cannot perceive and understand the effects and consequences of what Jesus did while He was on earth. As a result, they do not understand the divine truths of grace, salvation, the Kingdom of God, what really happens at death, the anointing and a whole host of other things. But most importantly an immature Christian doesn’t spend much time studying the Word of God for themselves.

On the other hand, those Christians who are mature are those who have matured as a result of allowing the Holy Spirit to teach them and direct them as they consistently feed on the Word of God.

Only mature/spiritual Christians can receive the hidden truths of God’s word contained in the New Testament. The hidden truths of God’s Word are often referred to as wisdom and mystery.

For example, mature Christians can accept the truth that they are no longer under the Law of God but under the Grace of God. That allows mature Christians to know that they are on their way to heaven, whereby immature Christians are still trying to earn their way to heaven. Mature Christians can accept the truth that they have the righteousness of God, whereby immature Christians are trying to “live something” in such a way to establish their own righteousness. Mature Christians understand and believe they are who they are and they have what they have because of Christ, whereby immature Christians believe, I am who I am and I have what I have because of me.

Immature Christians serve God, man and money, whereby mature Christians only serve God. Immature Christians go to church and praise God on cue, whereas mature Christians are able to praise God at any time and anywhere.

Mature Christians walk and live by faith, (God’s Word), whereas immature Christians walk and live by what they see. Immature Christians depend on themselves and others, while mature Christians only depend on God.

Mature Christians do not judge others, whereas immature Christians are judging others all the time. Mature Christians are tithers, whereas immature Christians give God a tip. Mature Christians delight themselves in the Lord, whereas immature Christians delight themselves only in church services. Mature Christians know that God is God and besides Him there is no other, whereas immature Christians also know God is God but besides Him is my pastor.

Every mature Christian at some time in their life was carnal and immature. They grew up into maturity as a result of studying God’s word for themselves and allowing the Holy Spirit to personally teach them the divine truth of what they were studying. Ask yourself today, “What kind of Christian am I???”

By Pastor Gilbert Owens

Guest Columnist

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