Making your prayer life meaningful

By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing columnist

Do you believe prayer moves the Hand that moves the world? Prayer is powerful; it really does change things – move things – leaving us in AWE of our heavenly Father whose hallowed name, kingdom come, and will being done on earth as it is in heaven gives hope and heals hearts.

Reciting the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray can move us closer to Christ…”for such a time as this!” We pray with thankful hearts for a new day, daily bread, protection from temptation, deliverance from evil, forgiveness for our sins, forgiving hearts toward others’ transgressions…giving honor and glory to God and His power and His Kingdom forever and ever. Yet, do the words we recite really reach our Father? Do family members, friends, co-workers, even strangers see Jesus in our actions and reactions? Are we living in right, up close and personal, relationship with our Lord and loved ones? Think on these things. Pondering in our hearts (as Mary did when she carried and gave birth to God’s Son), praying (as Jesus taught and modeled), and putting God first – keeping Him, our first love (per His request), is wise.

Do we pray without ceasing, pray on the run, pray with conviction, pray in tongues, pray when in a bind, pray rehearsed – written prayers, pray with faith for answers, pray for particular things, pray from being taught by parents and people God placed in our lives? Prayer is powerful when we stay connected and share from a believing and obedient heart.

The following passage from “God in the Dark” poses thoughts about praying for particular things. “’Praying for particular things,’ said I, ‘always seems to me like advising God how to run the world. Wouldn’t it be wiser to assume that He knows best?’

‘On the same principle,’ said he, ‘I suppose you never ask a man next to you to pass the salt, because God knows best whether you ought to have salt or not. And I suppose you never take an umbrella, because God only knows best whether you ought to be wet or dry.’

‘That’s quite different,’ I protested.

‘I don’t see why,’ said he. ‘The odd thing is that He should let us influence the course of events at all. But since He lets us do it in one way I don’t see why He shouldn’t let us do it in the other.’”

Do we pray for particulars, politely advising God what is best for our lives? Our loving Father God is wise and wonderful all the time. He hears prayers and answers according to His purpose and plans for our lives. A disciplined, delightful pray life is a gift that gives joy every day as we see it open doors and move the world.

Another exert from “God in the Dark” reminds us to honor God with our prayer life.

“Mr. Wirt: What is your view of the daily disciple of the Christian life – the need for taking time to be alone with God?

Lewis – We have our New Testament regimental orders upon the subject. I would take it for granted that everyone who becomes a Christian would undertake this practice. It is enjoined upon us by our Lord; and since they are His commands, I believe in following them. It is always just possible that Jesus Christ meant what He said when He told us to seek the secret place and to close the door.”

Where is your prayer closet? Do families have favorite places to pray…do we pray together, other than meals? Do we have meals together at home to pray over or pray in restaurants? Do we pray first thing in the morning? Do we pray for God’s will? Do we pray for people God sent for us to love and cherish on our journeys? Do we pray passionately and purposefully? Do we fast and pray? Do we attend prayer meetings with intercessory prayer?

Praying for parents, grandparents, and caregivers has more meaning now that I am an over the hill, last trimester adult. I appreciate my parents more than ever. They are not here, but their prayers from long ago still cover me today. I know the endless hours they prayed for my brother, sisters, and me; I do the same for my children and grandchildren. Every morning I enter their names in a prayer journal on my kitchen counter and pray for particular things in each of their lives. Every night I kneel beside my bed with a thankful heart and I pray. With love and gratitude I thank God for my parents and for my gift of being mother, mother-in-law, step-mother, nana, and step-grandma, to a blended family God gave me to love, pray for, and enjoy until He calls me Home. I pray for each of them to remain close to one another, to live happy, successful lives graced by God’s presence and for all of us to live in relationship with our heavenly Father…our Best Friend.

Do you believe that prayer moves the Hand that moves the world? I do! For God has blessed me beyond measure, answered prayers for peace and healing, and given me opportunities to serve Him in my little corner of the world. Has God blessed you and called you to serve also? Standing up for Jesus, sharing God’s love, praying persistently, being led by the Holy Spirit, and serving in love together moves the Hand that moves the world. He knows the plan as pieces to the puzzle are falling into place perfectly…”for such a time as this!”

God knows what I need, what you need, what the world needs now is love, sweet, love for there really is too little of it. Let us teach the world to sing in His perfect harmony and get down on our knees to PRAY!

Becky Spell Vann is a long-time columnist for the Sampson Independent’s Faith & Family section and owner of the outreach ministry Tim’s Gift.

By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing columnist

Becky Spell Vann is a long-time columnist for the Sampson Independent’s Faith & Family section and owner of the outreach ministry Tim’s Gift.

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