City makes great strides with wayfinding signs

Progress is imperative, and promotion a must in this fast-paced, constantly changing world in which we live. That’s why it’s refreshing to see the city of Clinton making such positive strides toward promoting its many treasures and, in the process, bringing more people here to see what we have to offer.

Among those strides will be the installation of new wayfinding signs that will lead the way to the many delightful attractions we have in the downtown and throughout the city.

Nine new signs will go up in July, directing visitors to such places as the JC Holliday Memorial Library, the Sampson County History Museum, the Clinton City Market and the Sampson County Courthouse.

The signs, city officials noted, will be located on Martin Luther King Blvd., NC 24 and NC 403, and will direct travelers to the downtown area.

And this won’t be the last. All indications are that the wayfinding system, which began with billboards along I-40 promoting the city and its new brand, will continue expanding as money is budgeted to promote more areas of the city, including parking and city facilities.

Our hat is off to the city staff and Clinton’s government leaders for having vision and putting money behind that vision to implement positive changes that will benefit our city for many years to come.

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