Lessons gleaned from LCC tragedy

The early Sunday morning melee that turned deadly at Lakewood Country Club was tragic, avoidable and fraught with lessons necessary to learn in a society that, in many ways, is beginning to spiral out of control.

The first and most important lesson: human life is precious and should be protected at all costs.

In this “all about me world” we now live in, cooler heads rarely prevail, meaning more often than not arguments quickly turn to brawls, fists are clenched, punches are thrown, weapons are drawn and common sense is lost. The end result is injury and, sadly, often death.

When did winning an argument or getting what we wanted culminate in doing whatever was necessary, including firing a weapon?

Whatever started the incident at the clubhouse Sunday morning likely wasn’t meant to end in death and injury, but out-of-control behavior led to it all the same.

A second lesson: Being out into the wee hours of the morning rarely, if ever, leads to anything good. Whether a sporting event, a celebration, a dance or some other type of gathering, ending by midnight or before generally makes sense. One can have all the fun they want by that time and be home safely in their bed before the late hours that often turn deadly. It is sage advice from our oldest adults, but words of wisdom we’d do well to heed.

Thirdly, alcohol only exacerbates volatile situations, and often is the catalyst for them. While we aren’t sure yet if alcohol played any factor in the clubhouse incident, all too often it does. When it comes to drinking, most people have lost all sense of moderation. For some, getting drunk allows a vacation from their troubles; for others, it’s some type of rite of passage; and for still others, it’s a way to relax away the weekend, free from any encumbrance. Unfortunately, for far too many, alcohol unleashes volatile tendencies that, coupled with hot-headedness, weapons and like-minded behavior leads to free-for-alls that rarely end well.

There are other lessons, like staying away from illegal drugs and prescription medications, leaving another person’s husband/wife, girlfriend or boyfriend alone and respecting others in the same way you wish to be respected.

There are many reasons, some unfathomable, why people see taking another’s life as a necessary solution to their perceived troubles, but we do believe valuing human life, using common sense and putting the use of alcohol in perspective can help. It certainly cannot hurt.

And each of these lessons, if heeded, takes away the tendency for tempers to flare and prevents the tragedy that usually follows.

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