Thumbs up to the city of Clinton!

We give a thumbs up to the city of Clinton and Planning Director Mary Rose for the gorgeous new signs that point travelers to different facilities within the city of Clinton.

The wayfinding signs give the city a fresh and updated look, showing the town has stepped up its game in an effort to direct those visiting our city, as well as new residents, to various locations around town.

The appeal is greater than we even expected when we first applauded Rose and the city’s efforts, which garnered an $11,250 state grant that pays for 12 downtown parking lot identification signs and two of eight wayfinding trailblazer signs that are being installed throughout the area.

We hope residents will pay close attention to the new signs and offer kudos to the city for adding both appeal and information in a unique and very up-to-date fashion.

The signs look great, are very helpful and add ommph to our beautiful city.

Way to go!

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