When the lights went out

The question for every small town in Sampson County during and after Hurricane Matthew is this: When the lights went out, who came on?

The town of Roseboro, like everywhere else, was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. The town was out of power for three to four days. Many area homes were flooded and food was slowly becoming scarce and spoiled. In the town of Roseboro, many made the sacrifice to go out and help others.

The Roseboro Fire Department was amazingly helpful to the community. The Roseboro Fire Department, under the leadership of Lee Coleman and Keith Sessoms, was ground zero to address all needs and concerns for the community. They and the entire Fire Department team went out of their way to provide food, water, clothing and whatever assistance any Roseboro resident need.

Chris Jackson, assistant fire chief, worked non-stop from Thursday to Wednesday without sleep helping members of the Roseboro community. He had tireless volunteers helping him such as Linda Jackson, Brandon Bullard, Heather Bullard, Connie Ammons and Pete Ammons. This grouip made sure no one in Roseboro went hungry.

Much kudos also go out to Alice Butler, mayor of Roseboro. She also worked non-stop making sure the citizens of Roseboro were safe and taken care of. I was especially proud of how Alice took extra steps to make sure the elderly of Roseboro weretaken care of. Instead of playing the role of a publicity hound politician, she put all of that aside for the sake of helping her community. On two occasion she came to my home to let me know there was food available for senior citizens if I could get it to them. Alice, as mayor, served as a humble servant to the Roseboro community when it needed it the most. She made and served plates to and for the community. She delivered meals to the most needy. She kept the town informed on all important matters related to the storm and its aftermath. As one Clinton official said about the governor, we can all say the same about Alice Butler. We have seen many storms in our area, and Alice Butler was the best leadership we have seen in the midst of any storm. She, like the ones mentioned above, came on when the light went out.

Much kudos also go out to the law enforcement officers who served the town of Roseboro. They kept us safe and searched for those who tried to take criminal advantage of the storm and its aftermath.

There were so many others who are not named in this article who came on when the lights went out in Roseboro. But the bottom line in Roseboro is: When the light go out in Roseboro…..the right people do come on!!!\

Gilbert Owens


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