Welcoming the new day that spring brings

With bright and sunny blue skies and, finally, a return to warmer temperatures after a bitterly cold week comes the mark of a new season. While warm February temperatures forced pear trees, dogwoods and azaleas to peek their heads out a little earlier than expected, it is March that truly ushers in what we’ve come to think of as renewal.

A new crispness can be found in the air, one that only comes with the return of spring. There’s also a greenness surrounding us that has been gone from our midst for far too long.

Despite fluctuating temperatures, there is still the promise of consistently warm weather on the horizon. That, alone, should make our steps a little lighter, our smiles a little brighter and our hearts beat a little faster.

Spring will officially be ushered in with the vernal equinox just after midnight Monday. And with its arrival, we can expect temperatures to become milder, cloudy skies to easily give way to sunny afternoons, and even the rains that are sure to come will have a different smell and a seemingly different purpose.

Just look at how beautiful the weather even the colder days this week have been, perhaps a reminder of brighter days to come. There’s a promise of crisp, clear afternoons and more daylight beckoning us to get outside and enjoy a few minutes or, if possible, an hour or two.

Warm nights awakened the pear trees and the dogwoods earlier this year, and those that escaped the return of below freezing temperatures this week will now help change the look of our beautiful community. So will the daffodils, which have been breathtaking, offering us a ray of hope as they peek through even on the cloudiest of days.

Everything, in fact, is beginning to beckon us to come, watch and enjoy.

We encourage that enjoyment as this new season begins to unfold. Get outside, leave your troubles at the doorstep and enjoy nature’s beauty. Dig in the dirt; start thinking about the spring planting because it won’t be long until it’s time to sow a few beets, plant a few begonia, even pot a geranium or a Gerber daisy.

And if that doesn’t suit you, sit on your patio, your deck or just out in the yard, allowing the rays of warm sun to tingle against your skin, reviving you and reawakening the inner spirit that perhaps has been dormant during the colder months of winter.

Then make yourself a promise — to enjoy life a little more, to make life a little more enjoyable for others around you and to allow the freshness of this day to motivate you to do things you’ve wanted to do but, for some reason, just haven’t.

With the ushering in of spring comes the ushering in of new beginnings, new life, new opportunities.

Spring gives us a chance to begin anew, to see life as it begins to grow, to perhaps see the work of God’s hand in the beauty that surrounds us.

In the sights and smells that make spring such a wonderful time of year, we can find untold joy, a relaxing of our troubles and a peace that comes with knowing that this time of year signifies opportunities to change.

Farmers use this time of year to begin their season again. Why can’t we begin again, too?

As the weather warms, the colors brighten and the smells become sweeter, we feel energized and alive again, and we feel as if we have the opportunity to make life better for ourselves and for others.

We have a lot of beauty in Sampson County. All it takes is looking at your surroundings, taking it all in and appreciating the little things, like the daffodils, bowing their heads so majestically, that are a part of the newness of this day, the newness of this spring.

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