Ucare changes lives every day

Editor’s note: Due to the highly sensitive nature of releasing the name of a domestic violence victim, The Sampson Independent has agreed to run this letter anonymously, though we do have a signed copy for our records.


I’m a client at Ucare Inc. in Clinton, N.C. Ucare is a shelter for women and children suffering from domestic violence or sexual assault. The shelter has been opened for over 20 years. Ucare also provides other types of community outreach and support such as help with utilities, rape prevention, education on domestic violence and sexual assault in schools, and support groups with topics on domestic violence, toxic relationships; and education promoting women to be fully self-supporting.

The staff a Ucare are without a doubt some of the finest people I have ever met. They are tough, yet kind. I was not always an easy client. When I came to Ucare not only had I been struggling in a toxic relationship with domestic violence for 7 years, and my physical and mental health was very poor, but I was in the grips of a terrible drug addiction. My mental health issues alone could have been reason enough for Ucare to turn me away, not to mention my drug addiction, but thankfully Ucare staff took me in anyway and we began the challenging journey of starting over and rebuilding my life.

It has not been easy but I have never been alone because the the staff at Ucare has been with me every step of the way. They expected things from me and I wasn’t used to that. I have made many mistakes but they kept giving me the chance to pick myself up, brush myself off, and work until I got it right. They had faith in me and believed in me when I didn’t in myself. They introduced me to the program of Narcotics Anonymous and encouraged me to go to meetings which helped me tremendously.

It is important to me to make people aware of Ucare and the lives that they are changing everyday. I would encourage any woman who is having issues similar to mine, to reach out to Ucare and get help. I am convinced that Ucare not only changed my life, but changed it. I’m forever grateful to the Ucare staff for giving me hope when I had none and for becoming my family when I needed one.

An abuse victim

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