Phonathon’s success benefits many

Raising money is no easy task even in a tremendously giving community like Sampson. Yet year after year the Sampson Community College Foundation’s board of directors and dozens upon dozens of volunteers get the job done, garnering thousands of dollars for scholarships, grants and programs, all that support SCC and its efforts.

Of course, raising those funds goes directly back to a generous community that recognizes the impact SCC has on so many students, providing them the education and training needed to be viable citizens, earning a living and being a productive part of improving the quality of life here.

They go hand-in-hand. An educated workforce drives a community’s economy in many ways, and it takes a strong community college to help drive the success of students, many who aren’t looking to move on to colleges and universities.

Enter Sampson Community College, which does a tremendous job at preparing college-bound students for their next educational step, yet offers just as many successful training programs, graduating top nurses, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, truck drivers, carpenters, cosmetologists and agriculture specialists.

It is because of such fund-raising efforts as the phonathon that many of these young men and women are able to get the skills they need.

We tip our hat to all those willing to support the phonathon or any of Sampson Community College’s fundraising efforts, knowing that the dollars raised do make a tremendous difference in the lives of many.

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