Hobbton shines in track meet

By David Johnson - Sports Writer

Ashley Hinterleiter of Hobbton running in an event from outdoor track.

The county schools, as well as Heide Trask, Princeton, Rosewood and Neuse Charter, held the first Super Meet of the year recently at Lakewood High School.

“I am excited to announce that Hobbton track and field impressed at the first Super Meet of the Year,” Hobbton Coach Jeff Klaves said. “The Hobbton men and women both bested all the teams they competed against: Lakewood, Rosewood, Princeton, Neuse Charter, Heide Trask, Midway and Union. This let them take 1st overall as a team.”

The Hobbton men won the meet with 165.5 team points. Lakewood was 2nd with 120, and Midway 3rd with 82. The Hobbton women scored 113, compared to Trask who was 2nd with 99.5 and Lakewood 3rd with 84. The team points are calculated by adding the individual points scored by placing in the top 8 in each of the 15 different events.

Individual efforts for Hobbton included Ashley Hinterleiter, placed 1st in the 1600-meter, 1000-meter and the pole vault. Bryan Parker placed 1st in the long jump, triple jump and 3rd in the high jump.

Bryan also ran a leg in the men’s 4×200 meter relay that placed 4th. Daisy Escalera placed 2nd in the women’s shot put. Adriana Montes placed 2nd in the women’s 500-meter, while leading the women’s 4×800 meter relay to victory. She also ran 3rd leg on the Women’s 4×400 meter relay, that placed 2nd in a season best time.

Andro Molina placed 2nd in the 500m while helping the men’s 4×400 meter team hit the automatic qualifying mark for the Indoor State Championships. Josh Polk for placed 2nd in the 300 meter and 3rd in the 55-meter dash.

Jamiroquia Faison placed 2nd in the men’s triple jump. Lakelyn Bass placed 3rd overall in the women’s 55-meter dash

The Hobbton athletes have hit the state qualifying mark thus far are: Ashley Hinterleiter – 3200-meter, Andro Molina – 4×400 meter relay, Josh Polk – 4×400 meter relay, Christian Vega – 4×400 meter relay, Abraheem Alwahishi – 4×400 meter relay. Alternates for the 4×400 meter are: Victor Aquirre and Jair Sanchez.

“Our goal at Hobbton has been to hit 10 state qualifiers this indoor season compared to the two we had last year: Samson Bradsher and Sean Silcott. Numerous events are close and I hope to share more good news as the season goes along,” said Klaves.

In other events, Union’s Montrel Williams got first place in the boys’ 55-meter dash, follow by Chris Sharpless of Heide Trask, Josh Polk of Hobbton and Carsell Bennett and Quamine Williams of Lakewood, and Elijah McKoy of Union all tying for 4th.

In the girls’ 55-meter dash, Desire Brown of Trask took 1st place. Kara Holmes, also of Trask, got 2nd, Lakelyn Bass of Hobbton was 3rd. Taking 4th and 5th were Brianna Wheeler and Peyton Crumpler of Lakewood.

In the varsity boys 4×200 meter relay, Rosewood got 1st, Union was 2nd, Lakewood was 3rd and Hobbton was 4th. Rounding out the top 5 was Princeton in 5th.

In the girls 4×200 meter relay the finishing order was Union, Hobbton, Lakewood, Trask and Midway.

Winners of the triple jump competition were: Bryan Parker of Hobbton, 1st; Jamiroquai Faison of Hobbton, 2nd; D. J. Eason of Lakewood, 3rd; Reese Moore of Lakewood, 4th; and Ray Bennett of Trask, 5th.

In the girls’ triple jump, Shae Malham of Princeton placed 1st, followed by Ally Grace Royal of Lakewood, 2nd; Asia Henry of Union, 3rd; and Jennifer Borland of Midway, 4th.

Boys’ high jump honors went to: Reese Moore of Lakewood, Labi Olanipekum of Midway, Bryan Parker of Hobbton, Zakai Washington of Lakewood and Akili Underwood of Lakewood.

Girls’ high jump winners were Alea Belflowers of Midway and Krislyn Bullard of Lakewood.

Boys’ 1000m run honors went to Jose Morena, Princeton; Will Warren, Midway; J. D. Lockamy, Midway; Dalton Farmer, Rosewood and Dany Garcia-Soto of Hobbton.

Ashley Hinterleiter of Hobbton took first place in the girls’ 1000m run, followed by Althea Balageo of Princeton, Chrystal Rubio of Hobbton, Jana Hunter of Lakewood and Ashton Yarborough of Trask.

In the 500m run, Chris Sharpless of Trask was first followed by Andro Molina of Hobbton, Uvaldo Acosta of Midway, Jair Sanchez of Hobbton and Christian Vega of Hobbton.

Marika Samuelson of Neuse Charter took 1st in the girls’ 500m dash. Adriana Montes of Hobbton was 2nd, Avera Corbett of Hobbton, 3rd; Brianna Wheeler of Lakewood finished 4th, and Tommie Bates of Midway, 5th.

In the boy’ 55-meter hurdles, Alex Godwin of Rosewood was 1st. J.D. Lockamy of Midway, 2nd; Keyshawn Collins of Lakewood, 3rd; Tristan Holmes of Lakewood, 4th and Ty Horne of Lakewood, 5th.

Asia Henry of Union took 1st in the girls’ 55-meter hurdles. Taylor Osgood of Trask finished 2nd, followed by Celine Marrison of Hobbton, 3rd; Alea Belflowers of Midway, 4th, and Mckayla McPhail of Lakewood, 5th.

Rosewood won the 4×400 meter relay followed by Hobbton, Union, Midway and Lakewood.

The girls’ 4×400 was won by Trask. Hobbton was 2nd, Lakewood was 3rd, Union was 4th and Midway was 5th.

Montreal Williams of Union was 1st in the boys’ 300-meter dash. Josh Polk of Hobbton ran 2nd, Jarrett Pearce of Princeton was 3rd, Chris Sharpless of Trask was 4th and Daniel Vilagomez of Hobbton was 5th.

Trask placed 1st and 3rd in the girls’ 300-meter dash, with Desire Brown being 1st and Kyara Holmes, 3rd. In second place was Kendra McKoy of Rosewood. Fourth was a two-way tie with Madison Butler of Midway and Ally Grace Royal of Lakewood.

Boys’ shot put honors went to Malik Rogers of Lakewood. Second was Early Baker of Midway, 3rd went to Jalen Robinson of Hobbton, 4th went to Aamando Alonzo of Hobbton and Larry Blanks of Midway (tie).

Rosewood’s Kiandraq Taylor was 1st tin the girls’ shot put. Daisy Escalera of Hobbton placed 2nd, Temi Olanikekum of Midway was 3rd, Labrina Williams of Lakewood was 4th and Mikaela Flick of Neuse Charter was 5th.

The finish order for the boys’ 4×800 was Midway, Hobbton, Lakewood, Union and Trask. The finishing order for the girls’ 4×800 was Hobbton, Midway, Lakewood, Trask and Union.

Jose Mutute of Union won the 1600-meter boys’ run. Uriel Curz of Hobbton was 2nd, Xavier McLamb of Hobbton was 3rd, Heriberto Ramirez of Trask was 4th and Erick Lopez of Hobbton was 5th.

The girls’ 1600-meter run was won by Ashley Hinterleiter of Hobbton followed by Kayla Kibler of Midway, Altheia Balageo of Princeton, Edith Lechuga Mendoza of Trask and Destiny Lowery of Hobbton.

Pole vault honors went to Josh Jernigan of Rosewood, Alex Godwin of Rosewood (tie), Justin Adkins, Gary Hall, and Sean Silcott of Hobbton.

Ashley Hinterleiter was the only girl in the pole vault.

In the boys’ 3200-meter run, L. J. Faircloth of Lakewood was 1st. David Torres-Molina of Hobbton was 2nd, John Fang of Neuse Charter was 3rd, Heriberto Ramirez of Trask was 4th and Dany Garcia-Soto of Hobbton was 5th.

Marika Samuelsson of Neuse Charter was 1st in the girl’s 3200-meter run. Kayla Kibler of Midway was 2nd, Edith Lechuga Mendoza of Trask was 3rd, Courtney Mixon of Lakewood was 4th and Isabel Rodriquez of Union was 5th.

Long jump honors went to Bryan Parker of Hobbton, D.J. Eason of Lakewood, Reese Moore of Lakewood, Akili Underwood of Lakewood and Carsell Bennett of Lakewood.

Girls’ long jump saw Bre Williams of Trask take 1st. Shae Malham of Princeton was 2nd, Tiffany Baldwin of Rosewood was 3rd, Ally Grace Royal of Lakewood was 4th and Labria Williams of Lakewood was 5th.

Boys team finish order was Hobbton, Lakewood, Midway, Union, Rosewood, Trask, Princeton and Neuse Charter.

Girls team order was Hobbton, Trask, Lakewood, Midway, Union, Princeton, Neuse Charter and Rosewood.

By David Johnson

Sports Writer

Ashley Hinterleiter of Hobbton running in an event from outdoor track.
http://www.clintonnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/web1_Ashley.jpgAshley Hinterleiter of Hobbton running in an event from outdoor track.
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