Sampson drops Hobbton

By Adam Capps -

Sampson Middle School defeated Hobbton Middle on Monday in a 60-31 rout of the Wildcats. Jamelle Williams scored 22 big points for the Dark Horses, as they increased a 28-16 lead at the break to the 29-point final margin of victory.

DaCorris Morrison scored 11 for Hobbton, and Jordan Pearshall led the Wildcats with 12 points.

Sampson Middle head coach, Ron Davis was pleased with his team’s play, and even a little surprised.

“Hobbton has a great team. They are good enough to be the best team in the conference, we were just very fortunate to play as well as we did tonight and have things go our way,” said the Sampson coach. “I thought our defense was very good, and that we were able to get a lot of easy baskets at the other end thanks to forcing turnovers. I’m not sure how many turnovers that Hobbton had, but it was at least 25. Playing that type of defense is what’s going to be key for us this season, and we got off to a good start tonight.”

Up next for Hobbton is Roseboro-Salemburg, while Sampson is set to head t0 Union Middle for a game on Thursday. Hobbton is now 0-2, and Sampson is 1-0.

The Independent regrets a misspelling of a player’s name in the original article.

By Adam Capps

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