LAVA players give back by coaching

By Adam Capps - with Dan Heinz

Jamie Jones and Anna Heinz coaching the 12U team in an event in Myrtle Beach.

This year the LAVA volleyball club has greatly benefited from five Sampson County High School volleyball players sharing what they have learned with the LAVA girls.

2015 graduates and former LAVA players, Amber Poole (Midway) and Jordan Tew (Lakewood), along with seniors Jamie Jones (Clinton), Emily Hair (Midway) and Anna Heinz (Lakewood), have all stepped up to coach volleyball this year.

Jordan Tew, a standout freshman and outside hitter for Methodist University has taken on the head coaching job for the LAVA 15U team. Jordan is assisted by her dad Jonathan, who has coached for a Fayetteville club in the past. Jordan travels back two nights a week for practice and travels every other weekend with her team. Jordan, as a head coach, had to take several courses to become certified by USA Volleyball. USA Volleyball and the Carolina Region are very strict about making sure that coaches are qualified and they place great emphasis on the training certifications.

Amber Poole feels right at home working alongside her high school coach, Jennifer Naylor with the LAVA 14U team.

“Amber is a natural coach; she comes by that honestly from her dad and mom. I hope that she will be available next year, Amber has great knowledge, is an excellent motivator and would be a wonderful head coach,” said Dan Heinz, an organizer of LAVA.

Midway senior, Emily Hairr is the assistant coach for the LAVA 13 White team. Emily is paired with Mike Mathews who has successfully coached several teams for Sampson County Parks and Recreation.

“Emily brings lots of playing experience, skill knowledge and familiarization with drills which has elevated the teams playing ability,” said Heinz of Hairr.

Jamie Jones and Anna Heinz are the co-assistant coaches for the LAVA 12U team. “I am really enjoying being the head coach this year of the 12U,” states Dan Heinz. “It is a true head coaching job when you have two great assistants. I virtually turn the entire practice over to Jamie and Anna. They coordinate what we want to accomplish, plan it out and run it from start to finish. I observe and if I needed interject, or I point something out to them and they work with it. I wish they could be at the games, but they are both playing for our LAVA 18U team and they play the same weekends as the 12’s most of the time. In Myrtle Beach, they were able to be on the bench for most of the tournament. It was great, the girls really respond well to them.”

Heinz went on to mention that he hoped LAVA would be able to continue having former players return to help out.

“I hope that LAVA is able to continue to draw from players who have come up through the system. Jordan and Amber each played for us one year, Emily played two years and Jamie and Anna have been with us from the start,” he said.

“There is a special connection between these younger coaches and the players. For one thing, they can get on the floor and demonstrate every skill, do it at full speed and do it the way it is supposed to be done. When they scrimmage with the girls, everyone tries to beat the coach, it is really fun to watch.”

Reach Adam Capps at 910-214-9585

By Adam Capps

with Dan Heinz

Jamie Jones and Anna Heinz coaching the 12U team in an event in Myrtle Beach. Jones and Anna Heinz coaching the 12U team in an event in Myrtle Beach.

Reach Adam Capps at 910-214-9585

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