Vital Statistics

Building Permits

Marry Ann Hill Trusteen, mobile home setup

Carner Prop, mobile home setup

Curt Anderson, garage

Richard Hardison, new single family dwelling

William Rich, mobile home setup

Steve Elmore, new assembly

Robert Reagan, residential addition

Sampson II Associates, assembly -renovation

Saed Nassar, business renovation

Saed Nassar, business renovation

Roseboro – synd I LLC, (Food Lion), business renovation

Leticia Soto, mobil home setup

Elmer Sandoval, mobil home setup

Byrd Family Enterprises, Inc. (Dominos), 3,039 sq. ft., assembly renovation remodel

Kansas City Sausage Company, LLC, demolition of structure

Clinton Commons II, sign permit (new sign)

Faircloth Family Properties, LLC, 100 sq. ft., sign permit (free standing sign)


Yonaira Locklear vs. Randy Locklear

David Chestnutt vs. Angela Chestnutt

Rose Monuil vs. Guelans Monuil

Shonita Vann vs. Henry Stevens Jr.

Cynthia Snair vs. Edgar Snair

Calvin Pratt vs. Janus Pratt

Marriages Licenses

Reid Cumbo and Carrie Oglesby

Nicholas Jackon and Shantel Williams

Gregory Allen and Meredith Horne

Rene Osorio and Erica Mejia


May 11 Lloyd Mason

May 24 Benjamin Torres-Perez

May 11 Emma Tew

May 21 Dancy Chestnutt

May 19 Charles Royal

May 21 Susan Roberts


May 15 Mayra Guiterrez-Mendez: parents Manuel Gutierrez-Gomez and Adelia Mendez-Lopez

May 16 Alessandro Marquez: parents Jose Marquez and Maria Meza

May 17 Angela Yang: Mother-Jing Zheng

May 16 Daniel Mendoza Bautista: parents Eduaro Mendoza Raymundo and Bautista Martinez

May 17 Jadiel Alexander Chirinos: Mother – Lurbyn Soraya Chirinos

Land Transfers

Reni Regiminarti and Craig Totten to Jeremy and Melissa Bass

Elizabeth and Terry Herring to J&T Auto Sales, Inc.

Angela T. Thornton, Angela V. Thornton, Frederick Thornton, Joyce Thornton, Oscar Wayne Thornton to Matthew and Mindi Quinn

Glenda Pollard to Lynwood Augusta Pollard Jr.

Freedom Constructors, Inc. of Dunn to Karen McLamb

Leigh Davis Eichelberger Waters and Stephen Wright Waters to Robert Lee

Dawn Abbot, Nancy Campbell, Nelson Campbell, Donald Norris, Fracene Norris, Ginger Norris, John Roark Norris, John Ruark Norris, Laura Norris, Samuel Glenn Norris, Tonya Patrick Norris to Samuel Faircloth

Betty and J.W. Simmons to Joshua and Magon Simmons

Sharon Davis and Glenda, John, Leslie, Micheal, Sharon Holmes; Janice and John Johnson to Ed and Linda Bass.

Eastern Metals, Inc to Georgina and Jimmy Shoff

LDTB Development Company, LLC and Linwood C. Thornton to Comfort Homes, Inc.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. To David and Gaile Padgett

Aggie and James Morrisey to Eluvia Masariegoz to Fortino Morlaes

Brock & Scott, Federal Home Loan Mortage Corporation, Mark Pearson to Brian and Brittny Warren

Carey and Eric Petricka; Carey Simmons to Neal Walker

Mary Ann Hill to Sherry and Thomas Starling

Melba Allen and Ellen Blackmon to Janele and John Cooper

Melba Allen to Ellen Blackmon

Melba and Ellen Blackmon to Kellie Blackmon

Artemio Ecalante to Benancio Ramirez

Keith and Nancy Hamilton to Curtis McClarnon

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