A mother’s love

Adrienne Carter enjoys spending time with her sons, Josiah Pope, Jeremiah Pope and Joell. Despite being a single parent, she says she does whatever it takes to make sure her sons are taken care of.

Adrienne Carter wakes up every morning with one goal in mind — providing for her three sons, no matter what their needs may be.

Carter, who is a single mother of three boys, Josiah, Jeremiah and Joell, works hard so that her sons have all their needs met and, at the same time, learn life lessons from their mother’s hard work and dedication.

“Raising sons can be an adventure, a journey and a challenge — yet rewarding,” Dorcas Beatty, Carter’s mother, said. “That’s how it has been for a very special young lady, my daughter.”

Carter, who works full-time with Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church as the director of public relations, is raising three very busy boys and is doing it alone. Josiah is a senior at Clinton High School, while Jeremiah is a sophomore. Joell is just 17 months old.

“From their birth, I have watched her maneuver as it relates to establishing what is best for their well being,” Beatty said. “Although I am a veteran mom myself, there are some times I just don’t know how she does it. There is just something about this young lady that astonishes me.”

According to Beatty, Carter starts her days off early. At 5 a.m., she begins the day with a strict schedule. She makes sure the boys are all fed and sent off to school, continues on to work, makes her rounds after school driving to practices and games, only to do it all over again the next day.

“When she clocks out, her work day doesn’t really end,” Beatty said about her daughter. “She is also a professional photographer in which her work is very unique. She may have to edit and clean up a set of photographs, and at the same time make sure Joell is fed, diapered, fed his evening meal … and she still swipes him up in her arms to give him some good momma loving.”

For Carter, her daily routines of chauffeuring children around is worth every minute.

“I am really blessed to have such wonderful children,” Carter attested, pride showing in a wide smile as she talks about her boys. “I always tell my boys they could be out in the streets or in trouble and they always tell me there is no way they could be delinquents with a mom like myself. I find myself laughing when they say that, but I do realize it could be the other way. I am truly blessed to have such intelligent, smart, God-fearing children. The baby boy Joell is a special blessing to me and the older boys are truly in love with him. “

Carter’s oldest sons, Josiah, 18, and Jeremiah, 16, both share a strong love and passion for their mother. With both boys being active in school sports and other activities, Carter spends a great deal of time taking them to practices or watching the boys perform — but the mother of three says she enjoys every minute.

“My mother is strong and is always encouraging us to be our best, and to remember that with Jesus Christ all things are possible,” Josiah said about his mother. “I am proud to have a mother with Christian values. My mom is funny, lively and strict at the same time. When it comes to school she is no joke. I love being her son.”

Josiah’s younger brother reiterated those sentiments about their mother.

“I have seen my mother struggle, but through her struggles I have seen her pray and have faith,” Jeremiah said. “That has impacted me tremendously. My mom is funny and always singing and dancing. Living with her is like living in a Broadway musical. She can be hard at times, but I know she is doing it out of love. I am proud of my mom. She is a fighter.”

Beatty said as the boy’s grandmother, she often worries about how much the boys are involved in and having to continue to do chores at home, but at the end of the day, she admits she knows it’s for the best.

“I’ve watched her (Adrienne) as she gives the big boys their daily chores schedule,” Beatty said. “As Grandma, I sometimes think she is micromanaging them and I become their defense attorney, but really she is trying to make men out of them.”

According to the grandmother, her daughter is raising her sons to be very intelligent and knowledgeable of all situations.

“I witnessed a certain legal scenario a few days ago and Jeremiah stated that this type of situation was a part of the Fourth Amendment,” Beatty said. “(He) talks like that in general. Yes, of course I attribute their knowledge to their schooling as well, however Adrienne is always challenging their minds to set off their knowledge.”

According to Beatty, throughout her daughter’s 18 years as a mother, she feels Adrienne has done a great job of raising her boys to be men of God. The adventure, Beatty adds, isn’t over yet. She admits she is looking forward to seeing her daughter continue the journey with her youngest son, Joell.

“Motherhood is a divine gift from God that no woman should take lightly,” Carter said.

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