Vital Statistics

Building Permits

Union High School, 100 sq. ft., new educational facility

Victor Funez, 220 sq. ft., deck

Michael Andrews, 220 sq. ft., carport

Jeanette Tanner, 1,600 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Latesha Williams and Darious Wilson, 1,400 sq. ft., new single family dwelling

Pizza Hut, 3,635 sq. ft., renovations

Betty and Johnathan Vilardo, 980 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Vera Bullock, 144 sq. ft., residential addition

Barbara Clifton, 100 sq. ft., residential addition

Thomas Bradley, April and William Rich, 2,432 sq. ft., footing

Romiro Sarabia, 1,120 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Jose Morales, 1,248 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Larry Barnes, 400 sq. ft., residential addition

Filadelfia Iglaesia Cristinana, renovations

Cape Fear Industrial, 1,750 sq. ft., new single family dwelling

Anthony Grimes, 1,638 sq. ft., residential addition

Newton Grove Solar Farm, 100 sq. ft., new business


Miguel Martinez-Martinez and Maria Alejo-Ramos

Charles Edwards and Carol Chalmers

Christopher King and Lacaecia Smith

Bryan Black and Krystal Vesely

Taylor Johnson and Samantha Lane

Maurice Robinson and Dreamer Carroll

Joey Blackwell and Tammy Maldonado

Bobbie Fryar and Sharon Peterson


March 31 George Hood

April 24 Elouise Butler

April 29 Clara Lamb

April 26 Cynthia Montague

April 19 Virginia Johnson


April 21 Annabelle Evelyn Robinson: parents Kevin Robinson and Tiffany Lee

April 21 Mia Ruth Sanchez: mother Dalia Sanchez

April 24 Iker Gael Alvarado-Espino: parents Francisco Macedo and Marina Gonzalez

April 24 Kenya Monae’ Benjamin: parents Jacquan Benjamin and Shania Baylor

April 24 Noah Wylee Carter: mother Emilee Carter

April 24 Aaliyah Reese Jones: mother Brittany Gurgainous

March 25 Selah Elizabeth Embler: parents Christopher and Rachel Embler

April 25 Melvin Javier Acosta Reyes: parents Melvin Zuniga and Dulce Inestroza

April 26 Zoey Aguilera Castellanos: parents Rogelio Gonzalez and Rosario Pinelo

April 26 Jacqueline Tomas Cruz: parents Benancio Ramirez and Ernestina Cruz

April 27 Ayvah Rayne Harris: mother Rachel Harris

April 27 Zamiyah Nicole Walker: mother Latoya Faison

April 28 Gabrielle Alisse Parker: parents Bobby Parker and Jacinta Butler

April 23 Jayden Lashaun Williams: mother Victoria Williams

Land Transfers

Graham and Jeanette to Graham, Jeanette and Kimbrell Williams

Cathleen and Willie Newkirk to Vera Bullock

Carla and Frederick Dixon to Carla Dixon and Branden Jones

Monterry and Sharon Williams to Edward Williams

David and Rhonda Matthews to Amanda Parker

Keith and Tracy Hatcher and Tracy Hudson to Lee Autry

Fannie Mae, Hutchins Law Firm to Guadalupe Reyes

Brenda Horne to Eunice, William and Winford Hales

Morgan Bryan, CLB Property to Domingo Gutierrez and Josefa Ralios

Michael Chestnutt, JOHCHE LLC to Cindi and Jose Nataren

Donna and Johnny Barefoot to Brittany and Ross Barefoot

Lounell and Victor Crumpler to Carl, Joel, Lounell and Victor Crumpler

Brock and Scott PLLC, Fannie Mae, to Robert Boykin

Amy and Richard Hardison to Amy and Richard Hardison

Ethel Hall to Jonathan and Linda Faircloth

Jeffrey Davidson and Britt Honeycutt to Amanda and Corburt Allen

Thornton Logging to Filadelfia Cristiana INC

Daphne and Herbert Bowden to Jacqueline and Lynn Carr

Dan, Daphne, Mary, Herbert, Mary and Thomas Bowden and Linda Eakes to Jacqueline and Lynn Carr

Marie and Thomas McGee, Alyce Pringele to Perry Melvin

Deborah, Jean, Jeffrey and Warren Bell, Lesa and Wayne Moore to Alison and Michael Ray

Douglas and Linda Wilson to Carter and Sons LLC

Brenda Thompson to Jose Lopez

Betsy and Joseph Best, Christopher, Diana, Fred and Mary Caison, Ida and William Johnson to Evelyn and Robert Riddle

Douglas and Lynn Foushee, Glenda and Robert Riddle to Kristen and Robert Spell

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