True confession can heal with tears

Do you believe your tears are a gift from God? I do! Tears are an important part of communication, in fact God notices our tears and never forgets them. He created us with the capacity to weep, knowing that crying is a major part of the healing process for all HIs children’s bodies. He is a loving Father who sent His Son to save us from our sins. He cares deeply and loves devotedly and unconditionally. Even His Son, Jesus, wept. Therefore, our heavenly Father understands trails of tears from the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve hid their face and shared their sin to the gardens where you and I tend our flowers and talk to Him today. He sees every teardrop that falls from each of HIs children’s eyes and longs for us to praise Him through tears of joy or sorrow.

Psalm 56:8 explains God’s take on tears. “You have collected all my tears and preserved them in your bottle! You have recorded every one in your book.”

While God is sad when we resort to tears over everything that comes our way, getting stuck in a pit of pitiful crying — whining, wailing, worrying — over this or that, He understands when we shed tears while seeking His help throughout life’s experiences and celebrations.

Celebrating a day set aside for mothers surely brings tears to many children on Mother’s Day.. Whether the day is spent with families honoring their mothers here on earth or in Heaven, teardrops show one’s love for the woman who gave birth and unconditional love through all seasons. Sorrowful tears could signify regret or remorse over broken relationships with mothers that were never mended. Nothing in this world is worth being disconnected from one’s mother. We may not see eye to eye, think she is old fashioned and out of touch, feel she meddles way too much, or even be embarrassed by things she says and does; yet, her love and legacy is a treasure to be cherished now and forever.

True confessions can heal with tears of loving laughter when we embellish memories of mothers still with us and those who have been called home to Heaven. My treasure chest of memories holds many made with my precious mother before she left us in August of 2001. Some dates are etched in our minds, Amen!

One embarrassing moment with mother came six months before she passed away, when I felt led to miss my church service and go worship with her. Surprising her was so cool as she stood with song book in hand on the third row from the back, right side of sanctuary, in my home church where I accepted Jesus as my Savoir. I slipped past several long-time friends to take my place right beside my mother. She grinned from ear to ear and hugged me with a grip that said, “I’m so happy you are here my middle child.” Surely, the good Lord has special rewards waiting for middle children, Amen again!

Mother never missed a note as she motioned for me to share in holding the hymnal and singing …”Love Lifted Me”! We sang sweetly with me thinking, ‘Lord, how many verses does this song have’? With each verse of truth about sinking deep in sin, weeping when far from the celestial shore, when nothing else could help… love lifted me, my mother sang louder with a witness of HIs amazing love and hers! By the end of the song, she surely serenaded Heaven. Her loud singing embarrassed me then, but oh how I would love to hear my mother sing again. Her boldness in singing out loud in church, in her garden, at the clothesline (for younger readers : outside lines of metal or rope attached to two poles where one hangs wet clothes to dry in the sunshine) as she walked back and forth across the road from our home to our country store, cooking meals or mixing a Crisco pound cake, in the car when we went shopping, anywhere she felt like singing…was a witness of her love for Jesus and her family. I never told Mama she sometimes embarrassed me, but she knew. Being a mother gives insight into children’s lives with a love that only God could give. So Lord, please forgive me for being embarrassed when she sang about You and tell her I confessed. You can probably find her singing in the heavenly choir. I look forward to standing beside her again one day in that celestial choir and singing songs of joy forever and ever.

You guessed it; I’m crying, but they are joyful tears that cleanse my heart and keep me closely connected to Him and them…the loves of my life!

Next week, I will end my story on tears. Until then, have a good cry and reach out to someone you love with confessions from your heart. It just might make them cry too. Experience the joy of rededicating your life to God and renewing relationships with the Lord and loved ones. .. His love will lift you higher than you’ve ever been lifted before!

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