Seeing the error of our ways

My Pastor once advised me when I asked, “Pastor, how is it possible to NOT see the error in one’s way?” She said not a word, yet I knew she was tuned in to me. She was patient and discerning, not judging. I got low, positioning myself to hear and learn. She simply nodded her head. I proceeded. “I look around and seeds are planted but there’s limited produce and many are starving for real fresh fruits.”

I stopped; praying she’d understand the words of my heart. “Baby, do you.” My expression revealed my lack of understanding. She leaned forward. “Work on you. What needs fixing…fix it. A person doesn’t often surrender because they want to.” She shook her head. “No… They do it because they’re tired of the situation. Baby, some things you won’t have to go after. When the time is right, God will send blessings to you. “She looked at me with discerning eyes. I held on. She nodded her head, leaning back. “Do you, work on you?” This was a command, nothing less, and I accepted it. I walked away determined to do me.

Fix it,Jesus. For He is the one I should turn for help.

Don’t be easily moved. Most importantly don’t panic under attacks. Keep calm. Trust in God, there’s not one battle He’s lost…NOT one. His plans, thoughts and ways are not like ours. For some, God is working it out. For another He’s already worked it out. Either way, the blessings of God that adds no sorrows shall flow like a river towards you. This water shall cool and soothe you. Wash and cleanse you. Don’t YOU give up?

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