Birthdays and Anniversaries


May 17

Allen Cannon

Ruth Autry

Mary Fields

Brandy Goodchild

May 18

Kirk Pope

Tim Pope

Mary Bell

May 19

Renee Huffin

Betty Hairr

Glenn Jordan

Morgan Davis

Lesa Tennington

May 20

Charles Jernigan

Jessica Joyner

Ruby Merritt

Khaleb Whitfield

Sula Butler

Annie Highsmith

May 21

Billy Sutton

Patsy Summerlin

Johnny Tew

Walt Parsons

Oliva Shipp

Anna Emanuel

Little Stackhouse

May 22

Delcy Norris

Ashley Sinclair

May 23

Lonnie Emanuel

Tyner Tew

Zachary King

Nettie Wilson-Pernell

Katie Tyndall

Sarah Kinlaw


May 18

Justin and Amanda Carroll

May 20

Lonnie and Fran Emanuel

May 21

Bill and Kathy Butler

May 22

David and Amy Sarp

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