Pregnancy Care Management program offered

The Sampson County Health Department offers a prenatal program, Pregnancy Care Management Services – OBCM. The Program was developed by the North Carolina Division of Public Health and the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance and is designed to assist pregnant women with Medicaid who have high risk factors to achieve a healthier pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Care Management – OBCM – Program targets pregnant women who have high risk factors that could cause a difficult pregnancy. These may include:

  • A history of preterm birth
  • A history of low birth weight in the infant
  • Multiple gestation, such as twins or triplets
  • Complications with the unborn baby
  • Chronic medical conditions which may complicate pregnancy, such as high blood pressure, Diabetes, Asthma or a History of Pre-eclampsia
  • Unsafe living environment (homelessness, inadequate housing, domestic violence or abuse)
  • Substance Use
  • Tobacco Use
  • Missing two or more prenatal appointments without rescheduling
  • Inappropriate/multiple use of hospital services

The services are available to any woman with Medicaid who lives in Sampson County, regardless of where she goes for prenatal care. Pregnancy Care Management staff receive referrals and contact the person for follow-up care. Any medical provider or agency that works with pregnant women can refer clients. Clients that have any of the above risk factors above and are interested in the program can also contact the Pregnancy Care Management staff.

The Pregnancy Care Management staff provides the following services:

  • Follow-ups on prenatal care issues and other clinical needs
  • Work with OB Providers and others who provide services to the pregnant woman to make sure everyone is aware of her concerns and needs.
  • Provide education regarding: the need to keep all prenatal-related appointments; understanding and following the OB provider’s instructions; and the importance of getting postpartum care.
  • Arrange/assist with the transition from the OB Provider to a primary care medical home as needed for the woman after delivery if she remains or becomes eligible for Medicaid after the postpartum period.
  • The Pregnancy Care Management staff also offers assistance with 17P treatment program. 17P is a series of weekly injections offered to women who have had previous preterm labor and/or deliveries. The purpose of the injections is to help prevent preterm labor. Services provided are:
  • Educating the client/family on 17P and its purpose
  • Assisting the patient in arranging to receive 17P injections and follow up when an injection is missed

If you are: a Medical Provider and would like to refer a client; a pregnant woman; know someone that may qualify for the program; or you would like more information on the Pregnancy Care Management Program, please call the Sampson County Health Department at 910-592-1131, extensions 4973, 4241, 4238 or 4237.

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