Everyone has a story

Everyone Has a Story

Mrs. Hazel Foutz is 92 years young and a resident of Mary Gran Nursing and Rehab. During her life, starting at the age of 14, she worked in a beauty shop. In the beginning, Mrs. Hazel’s job was to pick up the bobbie pins on the floor and clean them so the beauticians could reuse them. Laughing, she tells how sometimes if they were busy, she would not have time to wash the bobbie pins and would just reuse them without washing!

During her working years, she opened “Hazel’s Beauty Shop” in Baltimore, Maryland. She had a variety of clients, did wig work and did a lot of work for the funeral home. She was able to open a second beauty shop in Maryland as well.

Mrs. Hazel’s first marriage lasted for 21 years and blessed her with four children. Her second marriage lasted for two years. Unfortunately, Mrs. Hazel’s time with two of her children and one of her grandchildren was cut short.

According to Mrs. Hazel, she has lived through three wars. During WWI she remembers the military coming to houses looking for food for the soldiers. Her mom would keep biscuits in the warming closet on the stove for them. Another fond memory from childhood was the way she had to take a bath. They heated water on the stove and she would take a bath on the hearth.

While talking with Mrs. Hazel, it’s easy to realize she was a hard worker and encountered a lot of sadness and pain in her time. Her motto is, “Enjoy your life, what time you have here, we none know how long we have”.

Her secret to living a long life is, “I never indulged in sugar and used very little salt.”

Mrs. Hazel has a picture on her nightstand of her fishing. She told me, “[she] caught two fish that day. [She] did not put the worm on the hook but [she] caught the fish!” The activity department at Mary Gran has an annual fishing trip allowing the residents to relive these fond memories and make more.

It is our privilege at Mary Gran Nursing and Rehab to have Mrs. Hazel Foutz as one of our residents.