SCC cooking up something new

By: By Dan Grubb - SCC

Sampson Community College is offering a huge helping of culinary classes for the public.

SCC is hosting its Bare Bones: Culinary Basics classes each Tuesday this summer at the Graves Memorial Presbyterian Church.

This Culinary Basic Skills series provides a total of 72 hours of training. This course is taught in three sessions and is designed for cooking enthusiasts who would like to further their skills in cooking, or for the individual who is interested in finding work in an entry-level kitchen position.

Students are introduced to the culinary basics as well as how to safely work within a professional kitchen. Through lecture and hands-on kitchen experience, students will learn basic knife skills, how to read and convert recipes, basic kitchen math and cooking methods, correct doneness, stocks, soups, sauces, starches, development of palate, meat preparation, personal hygiene and sanitary work habits.

Chef Toya Williamson, who teaches the culinary classes, is a Sampson County native who has always loved to cook with and for family and friends.

“I have fond memories of being in the kitchen and cooking with my mother and grandmother for special holidays and events to which all true Southerners can relate,” Williamson said. “I attribute my love for cooking to those memories.”

Williamson’s love for cooking inspired her to seek a more in-depth knowledge of cooking. She grew up learning to cook but she wanted more, such as which onion is for what dish and what is the correct temperature for cooking meat that gives it the best favor and tenderness.

In 1995, she decided to further her skills by attending the Culinary Arts program at Fayetteville Technical Community College where she graduated with an Associate in Arts in 1998. “Chef Toya” is excited about passing her knowledge on to others who seek to learn more about the culinary world. Those interested should call 910-592-7176.

By Dan Grubb


Chef Toya Williamson teaches students culinary skills as part of a new Sampson Community College offering. Toya Williamson teaches students culinary skills as part of a new Sampson Community College offering.