Everyone has a story

Mary Gran has as one of its short-term residents Elizabeth Kopp. Ms. Kopp was born in De Soto, Missouri. She enjoyed a successful career in nursing.

Ms. Kopp worked in public health. She was the director of Crippled Children’s Services where she covered nine to 23 counties. This was during World War II, and some of the areas she covered were just getting paved roads. In the Ozarks, she saw that they did not have electricity or running water. She recalled a funny story of one mom with a 4-year-old son with club feet. When Ms. Kopp arrived at the house, the mom let her in but would not speak to her, so Ms. Kopp started talking to herself and completed the visit. She later learned the family was fearful of help. The little boy was born in a Catholic hospital and the family thought the “nuns” were the reason for the club foot. She later came in contact with the 4-year-old boy when he turned 16. He was in braces. She kept up with him until he was 21 years old.

She was also nursing in 1949 during the huge polio epidemic. The last six to seven years of her career she spent working with the Cleft palate and hearing loss program.

While she had an interesting career, her retirement was even more interesting.

In retirement Ms. Kopp became interested in Middle Eastern archaeology. She participated in 10 different tours to the Middle East. She also attended a two-week seminar on the subject at Oxford University through the Biblical Archaeology Society. During retirement she took a one-month tour of Israel, sleeping in sleeping bags and crawling through caves where the Israelites hid Romans. All of that at age 67. She, of course, took lots of pictures and stated that it is sad to see how things are now.

Mary Gran is honored to have Ms Elizabeth Kopp as one of our residents.