Everyone has a story

Blessed. That’s the word that comes to mind when you think of Craven and Jean Long who have been married for 56 years and are now sharing a room at Mary Gran Nursing and Rehab.

Both are soft spoken and appreciative of everything and everyone who helps them, especially their son Terry, Mrs. Long’s sister, Deborah, and a special friend Lorry. Lorry has always been there for the Longs and they are very grateful.

Mr. and Mrs. Long met at the Clinton movie theater, and according to Mr. Long, he figured she would be the one. Together they have one son, Terry. When they talk about Terry their eyes light up. They are proud of his accomplishments and of his family. All around their room at Mary Gran are special pictures of family members. Mrs. Long gets tearful as she reflects on the family and special times. She lost a special sister to colon cancer at age 45.

Mr. Long worked for 23 years at Lundy’s and Mrs. Long worked at Sampson Regional Hospital for 23 years.

Mr. Long said the couple stayed at home as long as they could. Mrs. Long had a stoke 11 years ago and Mr. Long was her caregiver. He also had his share of health issues, from heart surgery to kidney failure. But as Mrs. Long said, “as long as we are together it doesn’t matter whether we are at home or at Mary Gran.”

When asked what was the secret to a 56-year marriage is, Mr. Long’s advice was “be good to one another and look after one another.” Mrs. Long’s advice was“there will be good years and bad years but just stick it out”

The NC mountains are as far as they have traveled, but this couple is as rich as anyone could be: they have family and friends who love them and they are together, no amount of money could buy that.

Mary Gran is proud to have Mr. and Mrs. Long as its 2015 Relay for Life Sweethearts.

They say that some people come in our life as blessings and others as lessons but only the simple and humble people with the utmost simplicity in their lives come as blessings in a person’s life. This describes the Longs and what they mean to the staff at Mary Gran Nursing and Rehab.