Make Father’s Day special

Greetings to all. It is a pleasure to sit down and write again. Knowing that I am touching many, as I share memories that you can identify with, even the most memorable ones, thrills me. Writing is something I can do to express myself and offer things others seem to enjoy. When I meet my readers on the streets, church, or Wal-Mart, it blesses my heart as they say great things about my stories and how much my article means to them!!!

Now, as you read this article, it will be Father’s Day. Hope you all have an outstanding Father’s Day, and never forget that special moment. Enjoy your father and thank him for everything he has done for you during all this time — you will never know how much you miss them — until they are gone.

It is a pleasure to have a Union graduate, Laura Santiago, working for us a few days here at the center. She is a blessing to work with – her smile is contagious. She is so smart; we are so proud for having her here. This young lady will do great in life, especially if she continues to keep family and God first in life. She is a caring person with a tremendous heart, really generous and committed to our elders here at the center. Love is something you can feel for somebody so special, but once you show it to them it becomes very powerful. Live each day to the fullest – Love, Live, and Laugh is our motto – Bless you Laura.

Ya’ll know I love special sayings on readings so here is one you might want to place near a mirror:“Make today so amazing that yesterday gets jealous!” Go ahead and be fabulous, just protect yourself. “Birds of a feather flock together, together we stand, divided we fall.”

We are so enjoying the sit down volleyball game. It is so much fun, something you can experience when competing – a chance to laugh. You know laughter is the best medicine there is. Come join us – we would like to get teams so we can form a tournament!

Now let us look at some remedies. Does you beach towel feel rough and hard? Drop the expensive fabric softener – just pour a cup of vinegar in warm water, I tried it and it will feel like the cheeks of a newborn baby. To make you nail color last longer, wipe nails with cotton ball soaked in vinegar. The vinegar will dissolve stain particles so your polish goes on smoothly, less chance to clip. Simple and beautiful nails! To lessen sunburn pain soak paper towel in vinegar, press them on sun burn and better feelings – The many usage of vinegar.

A special shout out to Sherley Devone and Lattice McKoy – I hope you enjoy the article – I love your comments.

A special thanks to all the parties who participated in the Susan Komen 5K walk for the fight for cancer last Saturday. Our team Tribal Comfort was rocking, especially Journey Faircloth my 5-year-old granddaughter. She walked and ran the whole race – remembering Peggie Emanuel, as she fought so hard in the Battle. She fought a good fight keeping faith in God and herself. “I’m a winner in every way – to live is Christ – to live is gain – my treasure are laid up,” said Peggie.

Stay connected to Shade Tree of Life – Live –Love- Laugh – touch a life today – maybe just a smile.