Scholarships wrapping up

GREENSBORO — Time is wrapping up for State-wide high school seniors, to apply for a scholarships from Crumley Roberts. The screening process will be completed by February, then in March, six college scholarships will be awarded. Of the six, three scholarships will go to high school graduates who have been accepted at a four year university. The other three will be awarded to a community college students planning to transfer to an accredited four year college or university. Each scholarship is worth $2,500.

The Crumley Roberts Scholarship Program was created 26 years ago as a way to help college-bound students achieve their career goals through continued learning. To date, Crumley Roberts, a premiere law firm, has awarded nearly a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships and technology.

“We are proud to invest in students who demonstrate a commitment to learning, as well as to their community. We are here to help offer encouragement and support needed to help our future leaders make their dreams,” said Kimberly Roberts, vice president of Cultural Development at Crumley Roberts.

Parents and students are encouraged to meet with their school guidance counselor or transfer office to discuss qualifications for scholarship eligibility.

Crumley Roberts Scholarship Timeline

Feb. 6: Selection Committee Meets to announce finalists.

Last Week of February (20 – 24): Crumley Roberts announces finalists

March 13: Selection Committee meets

Last Week of March (27 – 31): Winners will be contacted

Spring until end of school year: Present all winners with scholarship and gift