Just-A-Mere Garden Club holds May meeting

The May 2 meeting of the Just-A-Mere Garden Club was hosted by Mrs. Betty Lee at the Shady Grove Church Fellowship Hall.

Fresh spring flowers in crystal vases graced the tables. Featured in the lovely arrangements included roses, azaleas, irises, peonies, and pansies, along with assorted greenery.

Guests enjoyed refreshments upon arrival. Key lime pie, that was garnished with fresh strawberries and kiwi, ham biscuits, cheese biscuits, peanuts, and iced tea were enjoyed.

President Marie Warren opened the meeting with the reading of the club collect. There were nine members present for the meeting.

Dixie Honeycutt followed with a devotion on a mother’s influence in life and recalled memories of mothers. She closed with prayer.

A discussion on “Hydroponics” was led by First Vice President Catherine Gilmore. Input by members were shared concerning their experiences of growing plants in water.

Feedback on the Spring Ladies Luncheon was discussed, noting the beauty of the occasion, as well as the enjoyment of the lunch and speaker.

Plans were discussed on the upcoming garden therapy, which will be held with students in the Exceptional Students Program.

The Laying of the Wreath Ceremony at the Blue Star Memorial will be on Thursday, May 25, at the Spivey’s Corner Fire Department. The 6:30 p.m. ceremony is open to veteran’s groups and the public to attend.

Attending the annual meeting of the Garden Club of NC were First Vice President Catherine Gilmore and Beverly Best. At this meeting, which was held at the Embassy Suites in Greensboro, the club was a winner of a one-year history award.

Paperwork for the club’s Woman of the Year Award was completed and the honor will be announced at the June meeting.

After the meeting was adjourned, Dixie Honeycutt won a flowering hanging basket in a drawing for the hostess gift.