Local young ladies among 2015 debutantes

By: From The Terpsichorean Club

From The Terpsichorean Club

Lily Turlington, Anna Huff and Eva Lee Barlowe will be among the young ladies presented at the 89th annual North Carolina Debutante Ball being held in September.
https://www.clintonnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/web1_Debs.jpgLily Turlington, Anna Huff and Eva Lee Barlowe will be among the young ladies presented at the 89th annual North Carolina Debutante Ball being held in September.

RALEIGH – Three young Sampson County ladies are among those who will be presented at the 89th annual North Carolina Debutante Ball being held in September.

Lillie Ward Turlington, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Festus Turlington of Clinton; Anna Caroline Huff, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Alexander Huff of Clinton; and Eva Lee Barlowe, daughter of Gerald Keith Barlowe of Raleigh and Mrs. Venetia Jordan Mann, formerly of Clinton are among the honorees.

In addition, Alice Freeman Lindsay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lindsay, formerly of Sampson County, is among the debutantes.

Mr. John Tyler Highsmith, president of the Terpsichorean Club of Raleigh, recently announced that invitations have been issued to the ball being held in Raleigh on Sept. 10-12. The formal presentation of young ladies from across the state will highlight the weekend festivities.

The Terpsichorean Club, comprised of young gentlemen from the Raleigh area, was formed in the 1920s to sponsor an annual statewide Debutante Ball to present many of North Carolina’s prominent young ladies and to honor their families. The Ball has been held every year since 1923 with the exception of the World War II years.

Young ladies are selected by more than 200 nominators located throughout the state. The final approval of the Debutantes is made by the Terpsichorean Club members. The invitations are extended to the young ladies in recognition of the contributions their families have made to the economic, cultural, social and civic life of North Carolina. The Leader of the Ball is chosen from Wake County’s Debutantes and young ladies from throughout the state are also honored by being named Assistant Leaders.

During the Ball weekend there will be eight functions held in honor of the Debutantes, their families and their escorts. The formal presentation at Meymandi Concert Hall on Friday evening, Sept. 11, will be a focal point of the weekend.

Mr. Peyton Randolph Black is chairman of the 2015 Ball. He leads a committee of Terpsichorean Club members who supervise all arrangements. Mrs. Robert James Ramseur, Jr., is chairman of the Girls Committee. The ladies on the committee plan and coordinate the functions of the ball weekend. Officers of the Terpsichorean Club, in addition to Mr. Highsmith and Mr. Black are: Mr. John Douglas Merritt, Jr., vice president; Mr. William Hargrave McElroy, secretary-treasurer; and, Mr. James Curtis McCaskill, assistant secretary-treasurer.

Other debutantes who will be presented are:

ASHEBORO — Camille Brooks Russell (Camille), Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ward Russell III; Alexis Ellen Trogdon (Alexis), Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Peoples Trogdon

ASHEVILLE — McLain Ryland Rose (McLain), Mr. and Mrs. John Ryland Rose

BURLINGTON — Amanda Morrison Holt (Mandy), Mr. and Mrs. Michael McElwee Holt

CHAPEL HILL — Mary deRosset Haley (Mary), Mr. Daniel Winder Haley, Jr.; Mrs. John William Hughes, III

CHARLOTTE — Elizabeth Margaret Beecy (Elizabeth), Mr. and Mrs. Steven John Beecy; Patricia Anne Belk (Tricia), Mr. Carl Grotnes Belk and the late Mrs. Anne Reynolds Belk; Carolyn Casey Bowen (Casey), Mr. and Mrs. William Augustus Bowen, Jr.; Mary Corbin Bolles Burlingame (Mary Corbin), Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall Burlingame; Elizabeth Lindsay Garner (Lindsay), Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Howard Garner IV; Elizabeth Sumner Park (Sumner), Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hampton Park III; Carter Louise Patrick (Carter), Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Wilkinson Patrick; Mary Summers Rogers (Mary Summers), Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lionel Rogers, Jr.; Anna Campbell Shircliff (Anna), Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Joseph Shircliff; Carter Elizabeth Tate (Carter), Mr. and Mrs. Henry Allen Tate III; Cordylia Brook Vann (Brook), Mr. and Mrs. Joel Walker Vann; Elizabeth Holley Weeks (Libby), Mr. and Mrs. David Summerall Weeks; Anna Michel Werthmuller (Anna), Dr. and Mrs. William Carey Werthmuller

DEEP RUN — Mary Margaret Campbell (Mary Margaret), Dr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas Campbell; Courtney Raye Collier (Courtney), Mr. Raymond Otis Collier, Jr.; Mrs. Leraine Howard Tolston

DURHAM — Carter McNair Chambliss (Carter), Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barrow Chambliss, Jr.; Claire Elizabeth Collie (Claire), Mr. and Mrs. Scott Alexander Collie; Margaret Scott McLeod (Scottie), Mr. and Mrs. Scott Alan McLeod; Jordan Angier Townsend (Jordan), Mr. and Mrs. William Linwood Douglas Townsend, Jr.; Grace Caroline Wiener (Gracie), Dr. and Mrs. John Samuel Wiener

EDENTON — Ellen Margaret Whichard (Ellie), Mr. William Alfred Whichard, Jr.; Mrs. Tracy Morgan Whichard

FARMVILLE — Elizabeth Schuyler Satterwhite (Liza), Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bynum Satterwhite; Catherine Carlisle Tugwell (Catherine), Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bruce Tugwell, Sr.

FAYETTEVILLE — Clare Broadwell (Clare), Mr. and Mrs. Waverly David Broadwell; Megan Elizabeth Downing (Megan), Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tildon Downing; Mary Maxton Fowler (Mary Maxton), Mr. Neal Franklin Fowler; Mrs. Donna Griffin Davenport; Mary Kate Covington Morgan (Mary Kate), Mr. and Mrs. Christopher James Morgan

GASTONIA — Maddison Ann Deely (Maddy), Mr. and Mrs. Michael James Deely; Margaret Eileen Meakin (Maisy), Dr. and Mrs. Charles James Meakin III

GOLDSBORO — Meredith Battle Roethling (Meredith), Dr. and Mrs. Hans Peter Roethling

GREENSBORO — Rebecca Anne Craft (Rebecca), Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Conrad Craft; Katherine Davis Maultsby (Katherine), Mr. Alexander Lyon Maultsby; Mrs. Louise Maultsby Bristol; Mary Frances Nussbaum (Mary Frances), Mr. and Mrs. Mark Andrew Nussbaum; Emily Bass Schulman (Emily), Mr. and Mrs. Brett Phillip Schulman

GREENVILLE — Annalise Ware Bath (Annalise), Mr. Stephen Charles Bath; Mrs. Amy Chapman Bath; Caroline Patricia Edwards (Caroline), Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd Morton Edwards; Mary Hall Swain (Mary Hall), Mr. Norman Prestridge Swain, Jr.; Mrs. Mary Ann Archie Swain; Ellen Bachman Thomas (Ellen), Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen Thomas; Claire Johnston Tucker (Claire), Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arden Tucker

HENDERSON — Lelia Bryles Cutts (Bryles), Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Minor Cutts III

HICKORY — Anna Pierce Rogers (Anna Pierce), Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen Rogers, Jr.

HIGH POINT — Catherine Tebbs York (Catherine), Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Vann York

JACKSONVILLE — McNair Ballou Moore (McNair), The Honorable James Lloyd Moore, Jr.; Mrs. Elizabeth McNair Ballou Moore

KINSTON — Mary Stuart Stroud (Mary Stuart), Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Lee Stroud; Carrington Condrey Wooten (Carrington), Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Wooten

KNIGHTDALE — Rachel Robertson Ormand (Rachel), Mr. and Mrs. John William Ormand III

LAURINBURG — Elizabeth Hampton Dunbar (Elizabeth), Mr. and Mrs. Wade Stafford Dunbar III

LEXINGTON — Anna Sidney Hood (Anna), Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Harrison Hood; Mary Josey Parker (Josey), Mr. and Mrs. Charles Todd Parker

LINCOLNTON — Amy Elizabeth Gilleland (Amy), The Honorable and Mrs. John Osborne Gilleland, Jr.

LITTLETON — Sarah Alston Neal (Allie), Mr. and Mrs. William Kreisler Neal, Jr.

LUMBERTON — Elizabeth Hartley Branch (Lizzie), Mr. and Mrs. David Ferrell Branch, Jr.

MOORESVILLE — Jessica Paige Winesette (Jessica), Mr. and Mrs. Michal Alan Winesette

NEW BERN — Georgeanne Dozier Blackerby (Georgie), Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brittain Blackerby, Sr.

PINEHURST — Olivia Caroline Capel (Olivia), Mrs. Elizabeth Warren Capel and the late Mr. Jesse Smith Capel, Jr.; Fredanel Story Woronoff (Freddie), Mr. David Bagley Woronoff; Ms. Joyce Fredanel Story

RALEIGH — Abigail Nancy Adams (Abby), Mr. and Mrs. Craig Anthony Adams; Mary Grady Burnette Bell (Mary Grady), Mr. and Mrs. Victor Eros Bell III; Tess Isabella Bettinsoli (Tess), Mr. and Mrs. Gino Anthony Bettinsoli; Elizabeth Anne Bevacqua (Lib), Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Glen Bevacqua; Davis Ann Bilodeau (Davis Ann), Mr. and Mrs. Andrew John Bilodeau; Emily Graham Brice (Emily), Mr. and Mrs. Graham Carpenter Brice; Katherine Howell Brinson (Kate), Mr. and Mrs. Jack Elson Brinson, Jr.; Mrs. Nancy Howell Brinson; Charlotte Royall Bristow (Charlotte), Mr. and Mrs. Peter McDonald Bristow; Kathryn Parker Brown (Katie), Mr. and Mrs. Garry Davis Brown; Parker Elizabeth Burrus (Parker), Mr. and Mrs. Erik Sikes Burrus; Madison Elizabeth Call (Madison), Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hugh Call, Jr.; Rebecca Katelin Camak (Rebecca), Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Neal Camak; Katherine Frances Cayton (Frances), Mr. and Mrs. Verne Ellis Cayton, Jr.; Tiffany Donelle Cobb (Tiffany), Mr. and Mrs. Dean Edgar Painter, Jr.; Margaret Johnson Collawn (Maggie), Dr. and Mrs. James Belknap Collawn; Kathryn Riley Covington (Kathryn), Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson Covington IIIEllen Bennett Dannenberg (Ellie) Mr. and Mrs. Scott Howell Dannenberg; Kathleen Elizabeth Dixon (Katie), Dr. and Mrs. George Richard Dixon; Virginia Rankin Douglas (Virginia), Drs. Margaret Rankin Douglas and Martin Rans Douglas; Kelsey Elise Dupere (Kelsey), Mr. and Mrs. William Michael Dupere; Paden Reynolds Earnhardt (Paden), Mr. and Mrs. James Morrow Earnhardt; Emily Kathryn Evans (Emily), Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wayne Evans; Mary Stuart Fountain (Mary Stuart), Mr. and Mrs. David Burton Fountain; Sara Howard Francis (Sara Howard), Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Francis, Jr.; Caroline Victoria Garrett (Caroline), Mr. and Mrs. John Carol Garrett, Jr.; Allison Brooks Gupton (Allison), Mr. and Mrs. William Richard Gupton, Jr; Elizabeth Brittan Eyre Harrell (Brittan), Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Louis Harrell, Jr.; Rachel Shay Hianik (Rachel), Mr. and Mrs. Mark William Hianik; Margot Smith Hinton (Smith), Mr. and Mrs. Chester Taylor Hinton; Sarah Anne Fuller Hogewood (Sarah), Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Lee Hogewood III; Sarah Elizabeth Holt (Sarah), Mr. Charles Mark Holt; Mrs. Jennifer Seaman Cates; Eleanor Scullin Janvier (Ella), Mr. and Mrs. William Peak Janvier; Hannah Grace Jefferson (Hannah), Dr. and Mrs. Jay Alan Jefferson; Sara Elizabeth Joyner (Sara), Dr. and Mrs. Walton Kitchin Joyner, Jr.; Grace Caroline Larcade (Grace Caroline), Dr. and Mrs. Lee Alan Larcade; Ruth LeBlond Liggett (Ruthie), Mr. and Mrs. David Knight Liggett; Alice Freeman Lindsay (Alice Freeman), Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Franklin Lindsay; Vanessa Catherine May (Vanessa), Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Walter May; Hunley Elizabeth Michaux (Hunley), Mr. and Mrs. Macon Warfield Michaux, Jr.; Edwina Hardy Mitchell (Wynn), Mr. and Mrs. Michael William Mitchell; Eleanor Grace Nye (Ellie), Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard Nye; Ann Katherine O’Neal (Katie), Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant O’Neal, Jr.; Elizabeth Campbell Payne (Campbell), Mr. and Mrs. William McKinley Payne III; Amelia Grace Piggott (Millie), Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Scott Piggott; Emily Elizabeth Ratliff (Emily) Mr. and Mrs. John David Ratliff; Elizabeth Tate Replogle (Tate), Mr. and Mrs. John Buchanan Replogle; Kathleen Watson Rigsbee (Kathleen), Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mark Rigsbee; Kathryn Anne Bingham Robinson (KA), Mr. and Mrs. Steven James Robinson; Claire Elaine Salisbury (Claire), Mrs. Jeanette Jackson Salisbury and the late Mr. Thomas Barton Salisbury; Catherine Anne Scott (Catherine Ann), Mr. and Mrs. James Eugene Scott; Catherine Elizabeth Seifert (Catherine), Mr. Mark Kevin Seifert; Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor Webster; Margaret Alexander Smerko (Molly), Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Robert Smerko; Sarah Connell Smerko (Sarah), Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Robert Smerko; Katherine Allison Smith (Katherine), Mr. and Mrs. Alton Battle Smith, Jr.; Holden Miller Stanley (Holden), Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keith Stanley; Peyton Virginia Strickland (Peyton), Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Andrew Strickland; Mary Michael Teel (Mary Michael), Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shannon Teel; Lindsay Warrington Thompson (Lindsay), Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Douglas Thompson; Madeline Jennings Thornton (Madeline), Mr. and Mrs. James Carlton Thornton; Tyler Pearce Wall (Tyler), Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Blair Wall; Sara Kiley Watson (Sara Kiley), Mr. and Mrs. Arthur David Watson; Helen Cade Woodley (Helen Cade), Mr. Franklin Ogburn Woodley, Jr.; Ms. Martha Abercrombie Woodley

RED SPRINGS — Hannah Catherine Watson (Hannah Catherine), Mr. and Mrs. Hector McNeill Watson, Jr.

REIDSVILLE — Elizabeth Holland Brady (Elizabeth), Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Foy Brady

ROCKY MOUNT — Susanna Kathryn Crestetto (Susanna), Dr. John Max Crestetto; Mrs. Sharon Prewitt Crestetto; Shelby McCrae Dunn (Shelby), Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Scott Dunn; Mary Anna Ergish (Anna), Mr. Thomas Arthur Ergish; Mrs. Patience Dibrell Ergish; Isabel Virginia Herring (Isabel), Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Jerone Herring; Charlotte Cornell Hunt (Charlotte), Drs. Amy Wheeler Hunt and Richard Frederick Hunt III; Marie Elizabeth Noble (Marie), Mr. and Mrs. William Hendricks Noble; Mary Frances Raper (Mary Frances), Mr. and Mrs. Donald Joyner Raper, Jr.; Mary Ashley Rose (Mary Ashley), Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jephthah Rose

ROXBORO — Carly Reade Allen (Carly), Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Phillip Allen, Jr.

SALISBURY — Eleanor May Alcorn (Eleanor), Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mark Alcorn; Mackenzie Lyn Beaver (Mackenzie), Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Scott Beaver; Madeline Lee Hoskins (Madeline), Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hoskins III; Charlotte Catherine Kaufmann (Charlotte), Dr. and Mrs. James Gregory Kaufmann

SANFORD — Marleigh Dean Normann (Marleigh), Mr. and Mrs. Sherrill Dean Normann, Jr.; Ms. Margaret Leigh Dossenbach Normann

SHELBY — Marjorie Pless Binion (Meg), Dr. and Mrs. Mark Lee Binion

SOUTHERN PINES — Mary Mitchell Morris (Mary Mitchell), Dr. and Mrs. Walter Smith Morris III

TARBORO — Marinda Barrow Whitehurst (Mari), Mr. and Mrs. Ted Edwin Whitehurst

TROY — Mary Winston Dozier (Mary Winston), Mr. and Mrs. Robert Winston Dozier, Jr.

WASHINGTON — Emily Thompson Bennett (Emily), Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jeffrey Bennett, Sr.; Victoria Hughes Edwards (Tori), Mr. and Mrs. Seth Hughes Edwards; Sarah Bradley Jennings (Sarah), Mr. and Mrs. Neill Archibald Jennings III; Anna Lane Mayo (Anna Lane), Mr. William Patrick Mayo, Jr.; Mrs. Tracy Woolard Mayo; Katherine MacDonald Nash (Katie), Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Forbes Nash; Morgan Alexandra Potts (Morgan), Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zophar Potts, Jr.

WILLIAMSTON — Allison Leslie Johnson (Allison), Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Carlton Johnson

WILMINGTON — Elizabeth McGreal Cartrette (Elizabeth), Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Charles Cartrette; Sarah Elizabeth Crouch (Sally), Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lee Crouch, Jr.; Molly Mackenzie Dalton (Mackenzie), Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Maxwell Dalton; Ann Carter Exum (Ann Carter), Mr. and Mrs. Robert Caull Garrou Exum; Katherine Patricia Franck (Katherine), Mr. and Mrs. John Martin Franck; Candace Faith George (Candace), Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scott George; Margaret Adelyn Massey (Adelyn), Mr. and Mrs. David Sapp Massey; Ruth Alexandra Smith (Ruthie), Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tucker Smith; Mary Anne Szymeczek (Mary Anne), Mr. and Mrs. James Harold Szymeczek; Mary Emma van Rens (Mary Emma), Dr. and Mrs. Gerard Henderik van Rens; Rachel Grace Walter (Rachel), Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eugene Walter; Caroline Thomas Zimmerman (Caroline), Mr. and Mrs. Herman Webster Zimmerman III

WILSON — Elizabeth Baker Bedgood (Baker), Mr. and Mrs. Charles Horace Bedgood III; Hannah Catherine Reed (Hannah), Mr. Randy Hill Reed; Mrs. Marilee Eagles Reed; Ann Moore Robertson (Ann Moore), Mr. Page Albright Robertson; Mrs. Ann Bikle Bissette; Collins Davis White (Collins), Mr. William Carter Herring White; Mrs. Heather Collins White; Austin Taylor Williams (Austin), Mr. and Mrs. Lloyde Kent Williams

WINSTON-SALEM — Katie Gray Altmann (Katie-Gray), Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bunch Jordan; Mr. Heinz Erich Altmann; Hope Marie Arcuri (Hope), Dr. and Mrs. Guy Matthew Arcuri; Ida Ragsdale Bland (Ida), Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lincoln Bland; Emily Graham Davis (Graham), Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Davis, Jr.; Eleanor Winstead Hodge (Eleanor), Colonel and Mrs. Benjamin Keith Hodge; Isabelle Catherine Jones (Isabelle), Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Nicolas Jones; Hope Elizabeth Kelly (Hope), Mr. and Mrs. Stanhope Anthony Kelly; Catherine King Macon (Catherine), Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bryan Macon; Carrie Alice Mahoney (Carrie Alice), Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Merrell Mahoney; Elizabeth Allen Mann (Betsy), Mr. and Mrs. John Randolph Mann; Anna Catherine Maxwell (Cassie), Mr. and Mrs. Redentor Perea Maxwell; Lydia Phillips Neill (Lydie), Mr. and Mrs. Thomas David Neill; Sarah Phillips Orr (Sarah Phillips), Mr. and Mrs. Laney Glenn Orr III; Mary Catherine White (Mary Catherine), Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Barber White, Jr.