Garland Senior Center activities close out 2017

By: By Marie Faircloth - Contributing columnist

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all are in the spirit of Christmas; it is my favorite time of year! I just wish there was a little snow to enjoy. Please be careful as you are out shopping and traveling and stay protected. Lock your car and watch your back especially when you are loading your bags.

Come by the center this week and next as we will be closing the year with lots of fun activities: games, music, eating, and singing Christmas carols. We close on Dec. 20 and will re-open on Jan. 2, 2018.

I want to share a poem by Cynthia Ryland:

“In November the trees are standing all sticks and bones without their leaves, how lovely they are spreading their arms like dancers; they know it is time to be still.”

Thanks to all my readers as well as my radio listeners that let me know you heard me on WCLN talking about “Shaggin’ for Santa.” I am excited to know this great project will help so many children being raised by their grandparents. Robert Stroud is a God-sent person; he has a great heart for the needs of others. The Sampson County Department of Aging will benefit as well – all proceeds go to the Department of Aging then placed in needed areas. Lesia Henderson can stretch a dollar; the number of people she helps through this funding is amazing! So come on get your tickets or purchase a table and plan for a great fun filled night on Dec. 31 at the Sampson County Agri Expo Center. You are in for a night of fun with DJ Ross Kimbro, Joey Warren and of course Robert Stroud. Oh my! Let’s not forget about the two bands that will be performing: East Coat Rhythm & Blues and Eastline. Come on out and “Shake a Leg.”

Words of wisdom to live by: as I said earlier it’s he happiest time of the year for most of us, yet we need be reminded that there are many that are sad during this time. Caregivers of family members, it’s a tough job! We try to do the best we can, yet the load is heavy. First of all stop, take a deep breath and try to relax. We need to take care of ourselves first so that we can give better care to our loved ones. Do something for yourself; seek respite care, get some personal care, have coffee or lunch with a friend. You can call Mrs. Lesia Henderson at 910-592-4653. She is the Sampson County Department of Aging Family Caregiver Support Specialist. She can give you so many tips. Your life will not be the same! She will take the time to help you in so many ways.

Come join us at the Garland Senior Center!! We live, love, laugh and make memories there! It’s important. We would love to have you.

Marie Faircloth Faircloth

By Marie Faircloth

Contributing columnist

Marie Faircloth is the director of the Garland Senior Center.

Marie Faircloth is the director of the Garland Senior Center.